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North America » United States » Virginia » Lexington May 22nd 2018

Another wonderful day! I was joined by bicycle friends from San Diego, Bruce Tipton and Jim Robinson. Bruce’s brother Bernie, ( who drove Bruce up from his home at Smith Mountain Lake), joined us as well. We rode the first 28 miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway which is closed to all commercial vehicles. We saw a few cars and motorcycles along the way but it was mostly us on our bicycles riding smooth pavement with panoramic views of the valleys far below us. To the north is the Virginia Piedmont region and to the south the Shenandoah Valley. Both sides of the Parkway are lined by thick forest! It must have been daunting for those early settlers who contemplated moving west. It must have taken incredibly hearty souls to climb up over those mountains. After ... read more
View of the Virginia Piedmont from the Parkway
A view to the South at the Shenandoah Valley
One of the hundreds of stunning sights we saw today

North America » United States » Virginia » Lexington August 29th 2016

Are we good or just lucky?? Today, we said our goodbyes to Amy and family. It was the first day back to school for Abby (10th grade) and Jake (9th). Good luck to them. We drove North towards Lexington up I-77 and I-81. As we progressed, Jackie started to search for a nearby winery to visit and maybe have some lunch. Once into Virginia, she located a promising vineyard and we left the Interstate in search of the WHITEBARRLE Winery. I give Jackie five stars for her pick. We arrived about five minutes before the winery opened for business. We were the only guests there and waited inside the winery until we were welcomed. Our hostess, Tess, was terrific. She was the expecting wife of the owner, Rik. She told us of the winery history and ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Lexington October 7th 2012

Day 32 Yesterday, when we stopped at a rest stop outside of Memphis, I checked my tires and wondered how much further we had to go. So I plugged my home address into the navigation app on my phone and found out we were around 800 miles form home. While we rode to Lebanon, I mulled the possibility of doing two 400 mile days and getting home on Monday instead of Tuesday. I suggested that to Bill and Rick and they both thought it was a great idea. When I got to the room and mapped a route, I discovered that going to the Tail of the Dragon would add almost 200 miles to our trip. The Tail of the Dragon is a 12 mile stretch of route 129 between Tennessee and North Carolina. It is ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Lexington October 8th 2011

Geo: 37.7839, -79.4431Heading west on 66 through bullshit eastern Virginia traffic (and at 2:30 on a Saturday - what gives?), I eventually found freedom in the wooded hills further inland. A friend from D.C. recommended taking Skyline Drive - a long, windy road that pretty much traverses the backbone of the Blur Ridge Mountains. A quick pit stop in Front Royal was necessary for gas and a latte, and it just so happened that the old main street was blocked off for a fair of sorts. I parked my truck and started walking toward the activity. The first person I saw made eye contact, acknowledged my humanity, and went as far as saying "Good afternoon." Places like this, places like Crested Butte, where I was greeted by nearly every local I passed by, I believe, I ... read more
Wild and Wonderful
Virginia is for Lovers

North America » United States » Virginia » Lexington October 17th 2008

Crabtree Falls This day it was raining in earnest. When its pouring and I have a hike planned, there is only one thing to do: visit waterfalls. The first of them was the Crabtree Falls. Note the plural, because this is actually a series of waterfalls located one after the other in a steep ravine in the Tye River valley. There are six big waterfalls and nearly a hundred smaller ones. The top waterfall, Upper Crabtree Falls, is over 250 ft high, which makes it the tallest waterfall in Virginia. If all the waterfalls are collectively counted as one giant cascading waterfall (which many people do because of their close proximity) you get a 1100+ ft waterfall, url= tallest east of the Missi... read more
Beautiful fog on the Blue Ridge Parkway
Third Crabtree Falls
The Crabtree Boulder Cave

North America » United States » Virginia » Lexington October 16th 2008

Lexington is located at the heart of the Sherendoah Valley in western Virginia.The valley has been a place of fertile farms since colonial times.This fertility also means that it is soaked in blood.During the Civil War, the Sherendoah was one of the main food sources for the Confederacy.Early in the war, the Union decided to deprive their enemy of this resource.In 1862, Stonewall Jackson, who had lived in the area before the war and knew it well, was assigned to defend it.He successfully defeated a Union force four times his army's size over the next four months.The Valley Campaign is still studied at West Point.Two years later an even larger Union army moved into the valley, with orders from Ulysses S Grant to destroy the valley so thoroughly that "crows flying across it will need to ... read more
Outside of Stonewall Jackson's House
The most honest historic plaque in Lexington
Wildflowers and views

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