2 days in Zion National Park

Published: September 27th 2006
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This past August, had to attend a Nuclear Medicine Conference in Las Vegas for Continuing Education Credits. For most people, this would mean a great opportunity for late nights, parties and gambling. But for me? It meant driving the 2.5 hours north to Zion National Park to spend my free time!

The first night I stayed at the Mt. Charleston lodge, which is one hour to the northwest of Las Vegas in the Spring Mountains. Few people realize that an 11,000 foot peak is just minutes away from this scorching desert, filled with forests and rock worthy of any mountain lovers dream!

Zion is arguably the most beautiful Park in the National Park system Visually none can compare, the sight of the red rocks, Green Pine and Juniper trees, white rocks, raging river and black rocks leave an impression that lasts a lifetime. Like a mirage, the Canyon appears carved by God- or at least some sort of divine influence.

The scale of the canyon is like Yosemite- but instead of being carved by the brute force of glacial ice it is created by the action of rain. Steady thunderstorms for the last few millions years have carved away the layers of rock from the bottom up, undercutting rock through seams deep within. The water seeps through these seems, and leaves at the bottom where it creates gardens of ferns, trees and grass. The rangers say it takes over 3 years for the water to make this journey, and as it does it slowly erodes the seams, which causes more rock to fall.

The narrows are the uppermost reaches of this carving, in some places the canyon isn't wider than 10 feet but it is hundreds of feet tall. Forests of fragrant evergreens coat the upper rim of the canyon, while deciduous leafy plants litter the valley floor, along with grasses, cactus and ferns.

Yes, this is truly a special place. Few people enter the sacred canyon and are not fully engaged in the experience!

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Mount CharlstonMount Charlston
Mount Charlston

Just one Hour outside of Las Vegas, high country awaits!

27th September 2006

And they said Zion is overrated!
Bah! This proves a friend of mine's know-it-all attitude wrong! Zion is beautifully captured by your photos. Thanks for posting!
30th August 2007

I so love your photos. I wish I could rate higher than a 5 on them! Every blog you do is just amazing. Please keep blogging and taking such beautiful pictures!
7th September 2008

Photos of Zion Canyon
I was born in Springdale at the mouth of Zion Canyon 80 years ago. This the best collection of photos I have seen. After 80 years and many miles this is still, in my opinion, the single most glorious spot in the world. Thanks for the memories.
15th January 2009

Amazing spot.
Zion is incredible. I'd still personally pick Bryce Canyon as the most beautiful park system... but Zion is certainly up there and I understand people who chose it as their favourite. The slot canyons are awesome and its unbelievable how different the different rock formations in the same park are! Love it.
7th January 2011

i agree
a quick trip to the states last summer and lots of national parks visited but for me i enjoyed Zion the most!!! Still didn't explore it enough as time was limited but loved the hike up the narrows and the sheer cliffs throughout were amazing

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