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Zion national Park Sau do toi di den Zion national Park mac dau toi da den day nhieu lan truoc kia. Toi di xe bus den cuoi ciong di hike the Narrows, duoc goi la The Narrows vi hike trong con suoi chat hep dai khoang 8 miles. Cuoi duong xe bus ngung va chung toi bat dau hike khoang 20phut thi bat dau loi nuoc rat vui. Nuoc cho sau nhat la den ron. lon tren nhung hon da rat kho di nho vao stick nen di van van hon. Toi bat dau hike khoang 3pm ma xe bus cuoi cung pick up hiker tro ve parking lot la 8:15pm nen toi tro lai don xe bus di ve khoang 6:30Pm so rang xe bus dong nguoi qua khong cho het. Toi tro ve xe ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Zion National Park September 6th 2019

After a great nights sleep and a delicious breakfast we headed out to explore Zion, NP. The town of Springdale, in partnership with the park, have a wonderful free shuttle service with stops throughout the town and to the park. Once in the park there is another shuttle service that stops at all of the various trails and scenic areas. This was begun to cut down on the number of vehicles that had previously crowded the park, and to cut down on the pollution caused by them. We decided on the advice of one of the park rangers to ride to the shuttles' last stop, and work our way back. The scenery here is just beautiful. The various shades of red, white and browns, along with the steep slopes through the canyon were breathtaking. Our first ... read more
The Virgin River

North America » United States » Utah » Zion National Park September 3rd 2019

Today we had to pack up the car and check out of our Airbnb condo but it was only 4.5 hours of driving to Las Vegas. That’s a pretty short driving day for us!! Our first goal for the day was a stop at Zion National Park. The only problem with visiting Zion is you must ride the shuttle buses to and from the highlight points. No cars are allowed. There was a scenic road of about 14 miles you could drive. The road had many pull off places for photos. It was beautiful but did not compare to Bryce. We did get to see some Big horn sheep! There was road work, curvy roads, a couple of tunnels, and lots of people. Once we loaded back in the car it was off to Vegas. We ... read more
Baby Fawn at Visitors Center
Stuck in road work at Zion

After seeing the wonders of the Grand Canyon, we spent time visiting some of the national parks in Utah. The first one was Zion National Park. I like the guidebooks’ descriptions: “Zion National Park packs the wonders of the eroded Southwest into a compact area. Color runs rampant: pale beige, yellows, pinks, oranges, reds, and chocolate are in its sandstone scenery ... energetic streams and other forces of erosion created finely sculptured rocks. Little trickles of water percolating through massive chinks of sandstone left markedly un-desert-like habitats, enabling an incredible variety of plants to find niches” (Moon, USA National Parks - The Complete Guide to all 59 Parks, Becky Lomax, 2018, p. 304). “Get ready for awesome. Zion NP abounds in amazing experience: gazing up at the red-and-white cliffs of Zion Canyon, soaring high over the ... read more
Zion National Park
Zion National Park
Zion National Park

North America » United States » Utah » Zion National Park September 20th 2018

A few months back, my husband and I were able to go out west. We had never seen the Grand Canyon before and during this trip, we made it a point to do so. We also visited the incredible and breathtaking Monument Valley, Hoover Dam and Sedona, Arizona as well. While I have written and shared in length about those legs of the journey, I have not gone into detail discussing the last, and perhaps my most favorite, part: the trek to Zion National Park and the night spent in Las Vegas, Nevada. We planned this trip to end our last part of the journey here, then to make the trip back to Scottsdale, Arizona to fly back when we left Las Vegas. After traveling from Seattle to Los Angeles along the West Coast Highway, we ... read more
Las Vegas
Las Vegas
Valley of Fire State Park

Beautiful, not too crazy packed but definitely lots of people. We did a couple hikes and played in the water. It was a full day and there was still a lot to see. ... read more

Mileage 30 The night before, we planned to get up very early and eat as soon as the hotel’s complimentary breakfast opened in order to get to the park before the Memorial Day crowds started making things a slow going. Claire woke up to a blinding light in her eyes. Actually, Pam woke up right before her alarm was to go off and flicked it on right beside the bed. Claire thought she was seeing the “bright angels” from the trail in the Grand Canyon yesterday and threatened Pam that if she turned on the light first thing in the morning again, she was going to get her. Pam thought she was saving Claire from hearing her alarm with her good timing, but, oh well . . . So, we were off . . . early ... read more

Well, Dianne’s long standing wish has finally come into being. For years she has wanted to head down to Utah to visit the various canyons she has heard about from her parents, her brother and his wife, and many others including friends from Europe. She has been reading books and pouring over various articles on the internet. She has an agenda and a porter to do the heavy lifting. We headed out on May 11th. But first, because we would be away on our daughter’s 50th birthday, we stopped overnight in Mission to take the birthday girl out for a pre-birthday dinner. Happy Birthday, Christine. The blog is a bit delayed because we have had a problem getting consistent connections to charge the computers and access to WiFi. Also had trouble reading the screen due to ... read more
On the way
Lots of Mountain pictures
More mountains

North America » United States » Utah » Zion National Park November 8th 2017

Off to Zion...Hwy 12W thru Red Canyon and red rock tunnels...89S Scenic Byway 🌄 Signs - frequent wildlife crossings next 10 miles 👀 Mt. Carmel Junction UT, home of the ho-made pies 😜🎂 Driving Hwy 9, Zion-Mount Carmel Hwy, into Zion National Park is a must - all of a sudden the road turns to a red color as you come upon the entrance. The rocks are massive...hard to fathom unless you see in person. A hiker and rock climber’s playground ⛰ A long tunnel thru huge red rocks!! According to Google, Zion is both the oldest and the oldest national park in Utah. Zion means “the heavenly 👼🏻city” and the park’s Kolob Canyons are named after a place described in Mormon scripture as being near God’s throne. There are no churches in Zion National Park, ... read more
Red rock tunnels
First night in Zion ❤️
South Campground ⛺️

North America » United States » Utah » Zion National Park October 25th 2017

Nu har vi avverkat ett antal nationalparker och är flera naturupplevelser rikare. De senaste vi besökt är Zion national park, Bryce Canyon och Death valley. I Zion bodde vi i en stuga på Panderosa ranch resort. Ett mysigt ställe precis öster om nationalparken. Här fann vi vår nya vän Skvirre. Han är en flygande ekorre och han hänger nu med oss på resan. Efter en mycket god frukostbuffé gav vi oss iväg. Stefan hade sett fram emot att vandra upp till Angels landing. En tuff hike med rejäl brant stigning upp till toppen. Det var verkligen en häftig hike, men tyvärr var vi inte ensamma. Det var förvånansvärt många som vågade sig upp till toppen. Vi ville få ut så mycket som möjligt i Zion, så direkt efter Angels landing vi tog oss an ännu en ... read more
På väg upp till Angels landing
Toppen av Angels landing

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