Travel Home Day

Published: June 6th 2017
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I was awake and heard the Bakers leaving their room so I decided to step out in the hall and say goodbye. They had to get gas and get to LAX for their flight so they left fairly early.

Nikki got out of bed around 8 and the girls got up around 8:30 and 9 so we had a lazy morning. We packed and took our luggage down to Bell Services to store for us.

Then we were off to the Monorail to go into Disneyland. We had breakfast at Tomorrowland Terrace and then went to Pixie Hollow to see the Fairies. Finally Kelise got to see Fawn so she was happy.

After that, Regan and I left to walk over to Anaheim Garden Walk Shopping center to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in 3D on the IMAX Screen. Kelsie and Nikki stayed in the parks to enjoy more of the day.

Only about 25 minutes of Harry Potter was in 3D so it was a little disappointing but still a good movie.

Nikki and Kelsie rode Autopia, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, a few rides in Fliks Fun Fair and had lunch.

After the movie we met back up with them and rode Monster's Inc and then went to learn to draw Goofy at the Animation Academy. Once we were done there it was close to time to leave for the airport so we stopped by the Tortilla Factory and Boudin Bakery for samples and headed back to the hotel to get our luggage and car.

The drive back was fairly easy with just a little traffic where the 22 merges with the 405.

I had planned on filling up the car at the Chevron Station right on the corner by Long Beach Airport but, when we got there the gas station is completely gone, just a pile of dirt remains. So, we ended up paying $4.70 per gallon for the gas that we used.

We made it through security and onto the plane and home all as smoothly as possible.

It was a great trip with great friends and we were all sad it had to end.


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