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North America » United States » Utah » Cannonville May 22nd 2019

This morning we were up and going! Dogs went out but didn’t want to stay because it was very wet and cold. After breakfast we packed a small cooler, our butt-packs, rain coats and lots of David’s camera equipment into the truck. We stopped by the office on our way out to mail a few postcards. This would turn out to be troubling. Our truck is pretty big and doesn’t fit in a regular parking spot. I’d pulled up behind some parked cars and David jumped out and went into the office. Just moments after David got out of the truck, a FedEx truck pulled up and got directly in front of us. We didn’t have enough room to get by the FedEx van but I wasn’t too worried because my thought was he would be ... read more
Snow still visible!
Kodachrome Basin
Red and Dottie enjoying the first hike

North America » United States » Utah » Cannonville May 21st 2019

This morning we awoke to sunny skies and warmer weather than the last few days. I got the coffee on while David took Red out to the prairie to try to get him to do his business. Dottie on the other hand is very automatic, so I just stepped out of the trailer and said hurry up, she takes care of business in about 4 minutes and shivering we both go back inside. Red and David however take a good 20 minutes to get things done, unfortunately for David. By around 10 am we are ready to leave, trailer packed up, things put away, slides in etc. David had us unhooked and ready to go with the last check being to ensure the satellite dish is down. All systems are a go and we ... read more
View just beyond Wahweap
Can you believe it is snowing in May?
Beautiful springtime in Utah

North America » United States » Utah » Cannonville August 8th 2015

We arrive at Kodachrome State park and find a wonderful place in the world. Our campsite is awesome and our ride here was beautiful. We again set up camp and plan a day at Bryce Canyon for the next day. We took off and spent a wonderful day at Bryce Canyon taking in the sights and enjoying the day. One little mishap was a person from Michigan backed into the truck and put a small dent in the right rear quarter panel but it is not going to stop us at all. The second day we took the Razor on a dirt road 40 miles and enjoyed the Grand Staircase from a point of view most don't get too see. It was a great day and the weather is awesome 85 degrees and sunny all day ... read more
Bryce Canyon
The Arches
Bryce Canyon top view

North America » United States » Utah » Cannonville October 14th 2011

In 1957 writer and naturalist Edward Abbey spent a summer as a ranger in what is now Arches National Park. At the time, few people know about the place and even fewer visited, so Abby had long days to explore the stark emptiness of the desert. He turned that experience into his most famous book, Desert Solitare. These days, he wouldn’t find any solitare in any of Utah’s National Parks, Arches included. The deserts in between are another story. Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument For early explorers, south central Utah was a vast unknown. It was the last part of the continental United States to be mapped, and it contains the last river systems to be discovered. Roads were not built in most of this area until the 1930s, and some ... read more
Skutumpah Road
Dam Spillway Crossing
Willis Creek start

North America » United States » Utah » Cannonville October 2nd 2008

Wednesday, 1 October 2008 Did I say today is reserved for more rocks? Surprise, today is reserved for Peach Pie (and some rocks too). In the 1870’s Capital Reef National Park was the home of a community of Mormons who settled and farmed orchard crops along the Fremont River, a tiny stream but enough water for irrigation of grass and fruit trees. Now the area is within a beautiful rock canyon and hosts a visitors centre with daily fresh pastry and preserves. Who would have guessed among the desert, sandstone cliffs and sage shrubs that a community could survive. Peach Pie was stored for dinner and we took at 15 km one way drive through the centre of the park. Here peach and red cliffs and house sized rocks from the cliffs above kept the Sony ... read more
Kayla at Capitol Reef Visitor Centre
Waterpocket Fold at Capitol Reef National Park
Along the Fremont River

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