Day 6 Arrived Moad

Published: May 15th 2013
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We arrived...after a long drive. Took about 1.5 hours longer than planned to get here (8hrs), but all was safe. The mountain passes were slow moving uphill, we could maintain about 45, but we were speed restricted to 35 going downhill...and we can understand why! We had several stretches of downhill w/ 7% grade for over 7 miles. The rig, made good use of its exhaust brake...kept us below 40 without touching the brakes. Amazing views all along the way! Mi Hyon drove for a couple hours to help out...2 hours is about all she can take.

The RV park at Moab is about 1 mile from Arches NP and 5 from Canyon Lands and 102 degrees HOT! "but it's a dry heat ;-) Today we hit arches and words are not enought to describe the beauty! We saw so many beautiful landmarks and I took 65 pictures...Mi Hyon's eyes must be better than mine because she took 598!!! Thank God for digital cameras, w/ film the pictures alone would have busted the budget. I attached a few of the special ones to the blog, but pictures just don't do it justice. It took over 3 hours to drive through the park and we could have seen more if we hiked off road a few miles, but at 100 degrees...I don't think so.

Chili dogs for dinner and then to bed to get ready for Canyon Lands NP tomorrow and another 600 pictures or so...good thing I got Mi Hyon 3 rechargeable batteries for her Cannon SX500. She kills those batteries fast!

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Day 6 Moab 086Day 6 Moab 086
Day 6 Moab 086

Run away truck ramp. I can tell it's been used many times.

15th May 2013
Day 6 Moab 504

Hi Mike & Mi Hyon, Great pictures and it looks like you are having a great time.........Dad

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