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Turret Arch through North WindowTurret Arch through North WindowTurret Arch through North Window

This was a little challenge to get over on the ledge to capture this image. I wouldn't have known where to go for this without Andy - our instructor. Several other photographers climbed up there to join us. I'll be working on some HDR merges of this one day. I initially said this was through the South Window, but tonight when we went back to do star trails at Turret Arch I realized I was incorrect and it was through the North Window.
Just a very quick update with a few images from this morning. We departed Moab at 7 am and found good light to shoot until 11 am or so. Came back for a bite of lunch and we'll head back out for our late afternoon 'golden light', sunset, and more star trails.

Thought I'd upload a couple of images I quickly worked on from the shoot this morning. I did a good number of shots bracketing exposures to work on some HDR. Hope they will turn out well. Don't know when I'll get to work on that.

Thanks for the comments you've been sending. If I haven't sent a reply back, I will as I find a few spare moments.

Right now a nap is the order of the hour!



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Turret from a different angleTurret from a different angle
Turret from a different angle

It's fun to get different angles and unique perspectives putting trees, other rocks, etc. in the foreground.
Tree framed in Turret ArchTree framed in Turret Arch
Tree framed in Turret Arch

Yet another example of what you can find when you have a GREAT guide/instructor. Don't think I would have 'seen' this image. We literally laid down on the ground to capture this!
An elephant formationAn elephant formation
An elephant formation

This is in the Garden of Eden, but not part of the Parade of Elephants formations. Clearly to us it looks like an elephant. One of the way cool things is how we go ga ga and think what a wonderful opportunity to photograph 'another rock' but Andy will keep walking. He knows that beyond where we are amazed at the composition is a much greater view that really blows our socks off. This was just one of about a half dozen times it happened this morning. We commented on the formation - and I took a shot further to the right. But Andy kept walking until we had separation between the main formation and the small rocks on the right and the blue sky made it look even more elephant like with his trunk being the small rock.

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