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North America » United States » Texas April 4th 2019

For years I had heard about how great San Antonio was in Texas. I had previously been to Austin for my cousin bachelor's party and had loved it, but I never went to San Antonio. I was intrigued to San Antonio and Dallas. I decided to take the trip on my own. It was my first trip by myself and the day of I was extremely nervous. I took Uber to the airport and there was a decent amount of traffic. As a side note, Uber./Lyft is the way to go in San Antonio with it being cheaper and sites closer than in Dallas. I was told that Dallas was a very spread out city, but didn't realize it until I got there. The check in at the airport was easy and I flew through security. ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth March 31st 2019

O O O O’Rielly Autoparts 500. NASCAR. Iiiiiiiiiiit’s a little cold. Damn it. So yeah the track is huge. Pays to bring a handicapped pass holder with ya for parking. JesuChristo. Yeah the FanZone is collector item heaven. You need Jimmie Johnson socks? (I did) Hats? Pins? Cars? Beer cozy? Yup. Spent a solid hour poking around there. Not nearly as bad as Disneyland, but they will let ya leave your money if you need to. Track was nice, mile and a half. Good seats in section 415 upper. The race was SO LOUD. But they rent scanners and headphones 🎧 so you can follow along. The corn dogs were corn dogs, despite the fancy sign. Get them at the window so they’re hot. The off road truck race was nifty, Denny Hamlin won the big ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » El Paso March 30th 2019

Nancy enticed me to travel while we’re at the cusp of spring here in Pennsylvania. She came up with the idea of wandering the US –Mexico border to check out the situation ourselves. I had Big Bend National Park in Texas on my bucket list, which is right on the border, our plan crystallized. We would fly into El Paso, the center of the immigration crisis, rent a car, and tour and hike for 5 days. Getting hotel reservations was hard. We learned that it was spring break in Texas; families were traveling. There are not a lot of hotels in the area, other than in El Paso. The economy is good in Texas, and people are spending money. As soon as we arrived in El Paso, we drove off in our 4 wheel drive GMC ... read more
Chisos Mtns Valley Mar 19
Cottage Chisos Mountains Lodge Mar 19
Lee on riverbank ready to cross to Mexico Mar 19 (2)

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth March 30th 2019

Got to Ft Worth early afternoon. DFW is a nicely organized airport. Went up 114 to the traffic jam around Texas Motor Speedway. Staying at home2 by Hilton. Cookies in the lobby? Sure thing I’ll have 6. Or 7. Went to Mexican food at the intersection of 114 and 312 next to the RISE (lol) men’s clinic. Fair. The Ft Worth Water Garden was the only stop on the agenda. Take 35, 312 is tedious. The water garden was a film location for Logan’s Run (1976). It was a nice park. Wouldn’t go out of my way, but looks like a lovely lunch spot. ... read more

blog 03-10-19 Jeep Tour Sunday morning and the first day of the time change and the jeep tour starts at 9 am requiring me to be there at 8:45, oh, the pressure! I got up at 4:30 to see if I could photograph the milky way but it was cloudy in the east. I didn't have to get up because it was an hour earlier. I'm so confused.. The tour took off on time with a family of 3 included and our trusty guide Dean. We were going on private land that adjoins the national park but as it turned out it was much dryer than the park was. No wonder they didn't include it in the bounties. It turns out that Dean is quite knowledgeable about the plants and geology and he told us so ... read more
strange light in the clouds
different colors
Dean explaining about this bush

North America » United States » Texas » Sugar Land March 9th 2019

We have been living in Sugar Land, Texas now for 5 months (since September 2018). So far our experience has just been ok. We would have to admit coming from the beautiful state of Colorado, Texas is a little hard to live up to that. We have been trying to make the best of it though. Sugar Land is a southwest suburb of Houston. Located about an hour from George Bush International airport and 45 minutes from downtown Houston. Although Sugar Land is a very nice and clean area, we struggle to find enough outdoor activities that we like to do such as hiking and exploring nature. There is a small nature preserve area within walking distance from our apartment so I venture over there from time to time to get my "nature fix" and to ... read more
DSC_3923 (1)
Nature Preserve near our apartment complex

blog 03-09-19 Exploring Terlingue I just love Terlingue. It is a little town on the west side of Big Bend and has several outfitters to go hiking, boating and jeep touring. Whatever you want to do they will make it happen. It even has it's own ghost town just up the hill from my campground and my first stop was the grave yard. Yes, I have weird tastes, but I've always been attracted to graveyards. Pictures. On Nov 2 they have a celebration to commemorate the Day of the Dead. There is a ceremony at the graveyard where they have a bon fire and celebrate their deceased loved ones. I went on a drive to the Big Bend Ranch State Park on the west side of the national park with a drive along the Rio Grande ... read more
grave of three

blog 03-07-19 Catching Up I have been too tired at night to write a detailed blog so I am trying to catch up here for the last few days. I have had a terrific time exploring the park, photographing the many flowers and cactus that are here and finding out more about the park. It was formed from volcanic activity and the mountains show the evidence. I went on the scenic tour, a road that leads to Saint Elena Canyon where the Rio Grande cut through the mountain. The paved road stops at the canyon and a dirt road will take you to the west side of the park but it is not suitable for your regular car. So I went back the same way I came and enjoyed the view in the other direction. 03-08-19 ... read more
delicate flowers growing from the rocks
more colors

North America » United States » Texas March 6th 2019

We did a couple of fun hikes at the Davis Mountains SP, but if you'll allow me, I'd like to say something about walking in general. I had brought a book along with me on this trip, one I was saving just for this occasion. Called "Atlas of a Lost World" it is a discussion on what we know (and don't know) about the first people to populate the western hemisphere. It's not easy to learn these things, those long-gone explorers left little that survives the thousands of years from then to now. Mostly just a few stones and bones, it's left to us to parcel their story from the pitiful few clues they have left us. What we do know though, is that they had been here from at least 14k years ago, and maybe ... read more
CCC Shelter
Der Adventurevan
Indian Lodge

blog 03-05-19 Road Runner Watson has been such a wonderful, patient and tolerant dog it was time for a treat for him. Before my 2nd cup of coffee I went out and set up his pen in the "yard" behind the camper. It's not as big because it doesn't have the section along the camper but it sure was good enough. He went around and smelled the perimeter and proceeded to christen it, it will do. The weather was warming up a little, about 52 by now, so I set up my chair for coffee #2. Peace in the house. After our walk I went to the ranger station near here and talked about options for me. Is this dirt road ok, is this hike very long, is it safe to cross the border, what kind ... read more
his kingdom
desert sunflower
different cactus

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