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July 8th 2017
Published: July 8th 2017
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Well we are on our way to beautiful Colorado! Tom and I arose from bed at 6:30 am. We got things together and were leaving the house at 8:20 am. We had an easy, short drive to Amarillo, Tx. (I say it was short because after doing a 12 hour day from Birmingham, AL on Thursday...this trip was easy peasy!) I did not take any pictures today because I was not sure if this blog is going to work. I appreciate all of you that signed up to view it. I am so sorry that I had another blog for you to sign up to...the other one was making me crazy. On this one, not everyone in the world can view my blog. So if you are on the list, you should consider yourself very lucky indeed!

We are at the Oasis RV park that we stay at each year. It is VERY clean and there are a lot of nice RVs here. It is a cool 91 degrees. But, I must say after our experience in 2016, this camper cools down a lot faster. I don't have my cat, Burby panting like he was last year. The winds are

I sure am glad we are done traveling for the day!
not too bad at the moment so I have both awnings down to help shade the camper and cool it down. Tom is working on getting our Hot Spot set up while I am doing this. Please comment on this so that I know that it is working. If this blog does not work, then I will not be doing one this year. Keep your fingers crossed that it does.

Tom and I will be doing several new things this year and I want you to be able to share them with us (even though vacariously). We are going to visit a castle that a man has been building for forty years, go to the highest incorporated town in the USA, etc.

Well I am going to stop now because I don't want to write too much and the blog doesn't work. Tomorrow we are going to Lathrop State Park in Walsenburg, CO and there will not be wifi. We will be there for 2 nights before we go on to Monarch area. I will blog when I can.


9th July 2017

We finally got it!
Laura...I did not get an e-mailed notice but went looking instead and found a work around. I think I can get to it OK now. Glad your new rig is working well. Have a safe trip tomorrow. Love you both...and Sheeba Sue and Miss Bourby! Mom and Dad
9th July 2017

Looks like y'all are going to have a fun trip! :) Did you see the La Kieva?
9th July 2017

La Kieva
Yes, we did. You can still get a room for $39.99 a night! Are you game for the next time we go out west?????
9th July 2017

Got it
Laura - I am able to read your blog!
9th July 2017

Found it!

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