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June 17th 2017
Published: June 17th 2017
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Decided to go to Wichita Falls to give you some water shots. What fool me. I googled it to find directions. 1 item on the Falls themselves and heaps on everything else the town has to offer. After eventually getting the directions I headed towards them, only to be stopped at the gates of the cemetery. As the Falls are next to them. The gates were closed due to upgrades. So No Falls. If I knew that I may have gone to the Motor Museum in a different direction from Roswell. I then headed South to Fort Worth via Bowie (home to the legendary Jim Bowie), because I was told about the Longhorns.

Quite an eventful day. Now I know how every one loves to get through cities without traffic lights and preferably no tolls. Well I'm no exception, and I love the interstate system over here all exits are well sign posted. Its once your off the interstates that confusion starts. And when you get into populated cities you will come across interchanges. Which are roads going in all different directions. So I was very pleased that my friends L&T lent me a GPS to get me out of troubled areas. Thankyou. Only one slight problem the GPS hasn't been updated in the past few years, and the interchanges in Fort Worth are either changed or new ones being built. So it took me a few attempts to get in and out as I found myself starting in the right lanes only to be in nomans land on the GPS. So my tip to fellow travelers do not leave home without an up to date GPS if you plan on sight seeing cities in any country

Eventually I got to the Stockyards and saw the Bulls. Then I went to Billy Bob's for a drink. reality check 1 drink in Tombstone equivalent of 2 standard glasses $5 1 drink in BB's equivalent of 1/2 glass $8.50. Moral of the story don't go to a large popular saloon as you will be ripped off.

At this stage heading towards Little Rock Arkansas.

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17th June 2017

Don't drink--it's too expensive!
Drinking isn't cheap and different states throughout the country, for example, may have different percentages of alcohol in their beer. Utah beer is not as strong as other states may be. I'm not a drinker, so I can't really offer much advice on the subject. Sorry. Wish the GPS was better for you and that we could've afforded the updates.

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