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September 17th 2012
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The AlamoThe AlamoThe Alamo

Shot from a Cannon
The Alamo.....the first place we visited today. What a great place in history! And it is right in the middle of the city! It had a picture of Davy Crockett and he didn't look a bit like Fess Parker. Lulu enjoyed it there a lot. From there, we jumped aboard a double decker bus that toured us all around the city - riding high in the sky. It was great fun and we actually did it a second time and plan to do it again tomorrow. I told Cory he would have no problems driving our RV around the city as this huge bus manuevered just like the RV. He doesn't think he wants to give it a try, though. While strolling through the city, Lulu made some new friends. The Riverwalk was fantastic, especially the boat ride through it. We ate at Joe's Crab and after walking our legs to stubs, we came back to the RV to rest awhile before we go back tonight to the Riverwalk. It looks like it will be just beautiful with all the lights! There was a time we could just keep going like the Energizer Bunny but those days are all in the
Alamo GroundsAlamo GroundsAlamo Grounds

Lulu had Fun
past....nap time is a welcome relief.

Whew! We just returned from our evening back at the Riverwalk. It was just as beautiful at night with all the lights that I imagined. We had a nice dinner and then took the boat ride again to see the view at night. I just about crawled to the car as we must have walked one hundred miles today....and me with a bit-up foot, remember.

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Double Decker BusDouble Decker Bus
Double Decker Bus

Riding High & Rental Bikes
New Friends New Friends
New Friends

Cowboy, Big Mama & Dining at Riverwalk

Boat Ride down the River
The EndThe End
The End

Alamo, Sam's & My Bit Up Foot

18th September 2012
Alamo Grounds

Great Place
We were in San Antonio a couple years ago on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. The Riverwalk and some of what you're talking about we did and it was great. We did not take the tour bus so we're happy that was good for you. See you soon.
18th September 2012

San Antonio
Hi guys! So glad that you are enjoying the city!! When I lived in Texas I really liked going to San Antonio! The Riverwalk was one of my favorite places too. There is also a beautiful arboretium in the city that is fun to walk around. Perhaps you will find it! Hugs! jo
18th September 2012

Appreciate the suggestions, Jo...we may leave tomorrow so not sure if we can get it all in. Anxious to hear about your must have been fantastic.
18th September 2012

Yellow rose?
I thought sure Lulu would have a yellow rose in her hair. Glad you made it to San Antonio we didn't have a car when we went through so I didn't get to see the Alamo . You sound like you are having a great time! I feel pretty good I haven't been in the emergency room in a month so things are looking good for Florida. Have fun and safe trip!
19th September 2012

No rose
Found a yellow rose and it was $12.98...Lulu didn't cost that much! Glad you are felling better.

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