Day 37: Cedar Crest, NM to Wichita Falls, TX

Published: June 8th 2012
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Prairie Dogs Prairie Dogs Prairie Dogs

just outside our CG in Cedar Crest, NM - - Aooears to be a whole family of very young PD.
Day 37: Cedar Crest, NM to Wichita Falls, TX

Got out of our campground at 8AM headed to Wichita Falls, TX, a distance of 497 mi. Pulled in here at 5:50PM - - just under 9 hours (lost an hour due to time zone change). The drive was basically long and somewhat boring after all the incredible scenery we had seen out west! Found gas for $3.289 in Amarillo, TX. What a relief to get it back under $4/gal! I found it a little odd that the regular grade gas is only 86 octane out here - - doesn't make it any cheaper. We got the next to the last spot in Wichita Falls RV Park. It is a very nice and fairly large park and pretty convenient to the interstate without being right next to it. Should be a quiet night. NO SAND SPURS HERE !!!!!! What a relief that is! Spend about 10 minutes removing them from Milo every time he went out last night. Tomorrow we'll head for Vicksburg, MS - - another 500 mi day - - then home on Sat.

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Cattle running to theCattle running to the
Cattle running to the

Barn. Just west of Amarillo, TX

9th June 2012

Amarillo area is bait boring
You were close to two of Jim's sons. They both live in lawton Oklahoma..did you run into any bad weather? Jared is a fed ex driver (18 wheeler kind)
10th June 2012

Lawton , OK
We never got into Oklahoma - - we headed southeast on US 287 just at the east end of Amarillo. I haven't been to Lawton since sumer of 1966 when our class made an orientation visit to Ft. Sill. We found the area starting about 40 miles east of Albuquerque to get more boring by the mile!! See our last blog - - Milo was REALLY bored.

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