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North America » United States » Texas » Wichita Falls March 20th 2020

FORT GRIFFIN After the Civil War settlement in Texas flowed westward along the Butterfield Trail. It was the major westward thoroughfare. To protect the frontier the army also established forts along the trail. Fort Griffin was built in 1867 where the Butterfield Trail crossed the Clear Fork of the Brazos River. It became a crossroads destination when cattle drives began to head up to Kansas. The herds and drovers remained at Fort Griffin long enough to rest up, and take on enough water and grass to make the next river crossing. A “hell-on- wheels” community sprang up for the amusement of the drovers and the soldiers that became known as The Flats. It was destined to become the most wicked community in Texas or in Kansa, which probably made it the most wicked place on the ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Wichita Falls March 17th 2020

THE LOST BATTALION William Holden has never been one of my favorite actors, but has been cast in two of my favorite movies: The Horse Soldiers, and Bridge on the River Kwai. Both movies, of course, were crapped up by Hollywood. They were both based on true stories that needed no embellishment of facts. The Horse Soldiers was a Civil War story about a daring cavalry raid commanded by Colonel Benjamin Grierson deep into Mississippi to disrupt the supply line to the Confederate bastion at Vicksburg. Rebel soldiers trapped in Vicksburg were reduced to dining on rats because of it. Bridge on the River Kwai was a story about some poor devils captured during WWII in Java by the Japs and forced to build a railroad across Burma and Thailand. A great many of them died ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Wichita Falls July 6th 2016

Geo: 33.9083, -98.501We met Jack and Carolyn on our NCL cruise from MIA to Barcelona, back in 2012. They serve with Navigators.It was great to reconnect with them. ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Wichita Falls August 8th 2015

Geo: 33.9137, -98.4934This was a long travel day. And since we failed to remember that we would lose an hour, we had to keep moving…no time for dawdling today, and that, unfortunately translates to no photo taking. We left the hotel at 8:15 and 64 degrees under partly cloudy skies and by mid-day the temps had risen to a blazing 106 degrees. This part of the country is having a heat wave!!!! And it looks like tomorrow will be much the same.In no time we were crossing the NE corner of New Mexico. And for the short time we were there, we could see mountains on the horizon, rocky hills poking out of the ground, wild yellow flowers in the fields and in places, black lava rock strewn about in the meadows of yellow hay. This ... read more
Beamer, the little begger

North America » United States » Texas » Wichita Falls July 14th 2015

Bonjour à tous J' aurais pu surnommé cette journée "la journée des trompes Couillons". Excellente nuit dans mon petit motel, ce matin pleine forme pour commencer une journée, que je prévoyais exceptionnelle. Je vais commencer par chercher le site "historic" de Breckendbridge, ici pas besoin de plan, il y a seulement 2 rues perpendiculaires, hier en arrivant, J'en ai fait une dans sa totalité soit environ 5 km, reste l'autre sensiblement la même. Je n'ai rien vue d'historique, mis à par quelques façades un peu plus décrépies, par rapport au autres. Une fresque sur un mur, et qui ne reflète pas vraiment ce village. Pas grave, direction Possum lake, là non plus pas très difficile, La Nationale 67 et à 35 km environ, sur la droite, une petite route la n° 1148. Je fait mes 35 ... read more
Red River
tout ça pour ça !!!!
le chemin dans la garrigue

North America » United States » Texas » Wichita Falls June 29th 2013

River Bend Nature Center is just that. A small nature center. There is a fee for this but it is minimal and there is a military discount (as is there a military discount throughout Texas and Oklahoma). You walk into the gift shop area, then you make your way to a room with interaction. A display of bugs and butterflies and insects. They also have small reptiles on display. You make your way to an enclosed room that has multiple butterflies. Feel free to walk outdoors to a nature path. It is not that long and easy to manuver. River Bend Nature Center is located right over the border from Oklahoma on I-44. The day I went, there just happened to be a wedding that they were preparing for so I think most of the reptiles ... read more
Spot the moth

North America » United States » Texas » Wichita Falls June 7th 2012

Day 37: Cedar Crest, NM to Wichita Falls, TX Got out of our campground at 8AM headed to Wichita Falls, TX, a distance of 497 mi. Pulled in here at 5:50PM - - just under 9 hours (lost an hour due to time zone change). The drive was basically long and somewhat boring after all the incredible scenery we had seen out west! Found gas for $3.289 in Amarillo, TX. What a relief to get it back under $4/gal! I found it a little odd that the regular grade gas is only 86 octane out here - - doesn't make it any cheaper. We got the next to the last spot in Wichita Falls RV Park. It is a very nice and fairly large park and pretty convenient to the interstate without being right next to ... read more
Milo got bored !!!
Cattle running to the

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