Day 36 Flagstaff, AZ to Cedar Crest, NM

Published: June 7th 2012
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Kerry & GenaKerry & GenaKerry & Gena

in their Bright Angel Trail T shirts
Day 36: Flagstaff, AZ to Cedar Crest, NM

Since Charlie & Kerry have already visited the two parks we planned to see today, we left separately - - we were both going to go east on I-40, but the Hixsons took a detour on NM 602 and NM 53 to visit El Morro NM and El Malpais NM. El Morro was really interesting. It is a large sandstone rock in the high desert (elev around 6200 ft) that has been a landmark for travelers since 1637 !!!! It has a small pool at its base that catches snow melt and rain water and hold something over 200,000 gallons and has not run dry in recorded history - - it is NOT a spring. There are lots of inscriptions on the rock, the oldest one having been made in 1637. Some are just barely visible, but many are in really good shape. 12 miles down the road from El Morro NM is El Malpais NM which gets its name from the lava flows, the caldera, and cinder cones is the area. There are a number of lava caves and tubes in the park, but people are no longer allowed to go
Meteor CraterMeteor CraterMeteor Crater

As seen from I-40 eastbound - - you'd never notice it west bound!
in, due to a viral infection afflicting the bats called White Nose. Did get one photo of a lava tube and one of the caldera (from a short distance away). By the time we got back to I-40, the Magees were about an hour ahead of us and headed for Santa Rosa Lake SP. We decided to call it a day at Cedar Crest, NM, just east of Albuquerque. So, we will finish the trip home separately. Tonight's park is MUCH better than last nite's despite being pretty old. At least it is nice and clean - - only complaint is sand spurs that Milo picks up on his paws at every step

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Sandstone cliffsSandstone cliffs
Sandstone cliffs

on the approach to New Mexico
First Glimps of El MorroFirst Glimps of El Morro
First Glimps of El Morro

This rock is about 200 ft high and has inscriptions dating back to 1637.
El MorroEl Morro
El Morro

from the trail back to the Visitors Center.
Pond at the footPond at the foot
Pond at the foot

of El Morro Rock
1637 Inscription 1637 Inscription
1637 Inscription

on Morro Rock
Gena & Milo readingGena & Milo reading
Gena & Milo reading

People at the Top People at the Top
People at the Top

of El Morro inspection an old ruins at the top.
Cinder cone inCinder cone in
Cinder cone in

El Malpas NM
The CalderaThe Caldera
The Caldera

In El Malpais NM
Lava tube atLava tube at
Lava tube at

El Malpais NM

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