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March 16th 2012
Published: March 16th 2012
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Traveled to Lockhart State Park for spring break 2012. Stayed 3 nights. It was very quiet as the park only has 20 campsites. It also has a golf course. County prisoners are utilized to keep the grounds tidy. Two or three will ride around in a golf cart with a Park Peace Officer. I watched as an Officer attempted to open a car that had the keys locked in it. The prisoners were sitting in the golf cart waiting. Ironic. A man and his daughter in the next camp site were watching as the Officer struggled to unlock the car with a coat hanger;

Daughter: “Daddy, why is that man in a striped suit?”

Father: “He is a prisoner. He did something wrong.”

Daughter: “What did he do?’

Father: “I don’t know, broke into a car maybe.”

Daughter: “Why is the policeman breaking into the car? Will he have to put on a striped suit too? Why doesn’t he just get the bad guy to do it for him?”

Father: “Shut-up.”

Daughter: “Daddy, why is it OK for you to tell me shut-up, but when the teacher tells me to shut-up you want to have a conference with her?”

Father: “Shut-up.”

Daughter: “Mommy said that you want to have a conference with her because she is so…”

Father: “Shut-up.”

Back to barbeque. Our intention was to eat at all 4 major barbeque restaurants in Lockhart (the barbeque capital of Texas for those who didn’t know), which we did. I ordered the same thing at all 4. One slice of brisket, one hot link, and water. The links are called “hot” because they are sold either hot or cold. It has nothing to do with how spicy they are. They are shaped like a crescent roll and are about the size of a donut. Kreuz Market (pronounced 'Krites') was visited Mon. P.M. Chisholm TrailTues P.M., Black’s Wed P.M. and Smitty’s on Thursday at noon, just before we left town.

While I have ranked the 4 establishments I regret to inform you that will not be able to reveal my decisions to you. Here is the problem I face: You see, my fans are legion. South of the border I am known as “Camino Fiesta del Norte”. The annual festivities are quite the party. In parts of Arizona the native Apaches refer to me as “Nantan Lupan”. It translates as “Grey Wolf”. Maybe it’s my beard or the striking resemblance to George Crook (scroll down to see the comparative photos), AKA Nantan Lupan. You be the judge. So you see, if I were to rank the Lockhart barbecue establishments one or more may well go out of business. I can’t have that on my conscience. Make the trip to Lockhart and you be the judge.

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19th March 2012

Getting pretty artsy
Hello "Holiday"; You are turning into quite an established travel blog writer! Your beard is grown a lot since I saw you last. Keep up the good work.
15th April 2012

Holiday Road's BBQ Results Revealed!
After investigating, I have discovered that Holiday Road selected his #1 BBQ joint as Snow's BBQ in Lexington, Texas. Lockhart was just to send us on a wild goose chase and throw us off his scent.

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