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North America » United States » Texas » Lockhart October 11th 2017

Welcome to our newest blog on our Portuguese Camino from Lisbon, Portugal to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. I hope to post daily, but might not be able to - depends on if and when we have internet access. We leave this coming Saturday, October 14th, flying from Austin to Lisbon. Our walk will be approximately 375 miles (shorter this time!) and should take us 30-35 days, depending on how many rest and sightseeing days we take. We'll be in Lisbon for 4 days and start walking on the 19th. Sometime around November 21st we hope to make it to Santiago and after a couple of days rest will visit Madrid, Lourdes and Paris, and return on December 7th. Why, you may ask, are we doing this again, after having walked the Camino Frances just a year ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Lockhart July 13th 2016

Geo: 29.8847, -97.6697It's taken a long time to finish up our Camino saga. I wanted to sum up our experience and found that harder to do than I'd thought. So here goes.When we planned this trip, we thought it would be fun to visit another country at the end and fly out of a different city, and we chose Lisbon, Portugal. In retrospect, I'm not sure that was a good idea. When we reached Santiago, we were both ready to go home. But we were flying out of Lisbon and still had 4 days to get there. With the remaining time we decided to see Porto, Fatima and Lisbon, Portugal. Saturday, June 25th, to Porto. Our bus trip from Santiago de Compostela, Spain to Porto, Portugal was pretty uneventful. When we arrived, we managed to figure ... read more
View from the breakfast room
Harry Potter staircase
Blue Tiles in Railroad Station

North America » United States » Texas » Lockhart April 18th 2016

Geo: 29.8973, -97.6783Okay. Another blog from us. Another trip. We're walking the Camino de Santiago, an ancient pilgrimage route across northern Spain. If you've seen the movie, The Way" - that's it. If not, we highly recommend it. It's 500 miles long from St. Jean Pied de Port in France to Santiago de Compostela near the west coast of Spain. Most people will take around 35 days to walk it. We're giving ourselves twice that. Our goal is 10 miles average per day, so 50 days right there. We have 3 days in Barcelona at the start, several rest days along the way and some time at the end in Portugal. If we finish sooner than 70 days I guess we'll go somewhere else in Europe. We've been training for over a year now - more ... read more
Need to stuff all that in my 36 liter backpack.
The result

North America » United States » Texas » Lockhart September 11th 2013

Geo: 29.8847, -97.6697Actually we've been back since late Friday, as those who have suddenly gotten many more emails from us have suspected.The trip back went well. It was a direct flight (10 hours) so no plane changes. Customs was smooth. They didn't even open our bags and the only thing we had to explain to them was about having been on a farm. But when we got to our car it wouldn't start. Hmmmm. Luckily the parking place had a guy whose job it was to help start cars so we were out of there in 15 minutes.It's Wednesday, and we're still jet-lagged. I don't know why it's taking us so long this time. We struggle to stay up past 8 pm!All and all it was a wonderful trip. We wish we'd had more time in ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Lockhart August 20th 2013

Geo: 29.8847, -97.6697Well, the day has finally come. We still have some packing and last minute things to do, but it's time to stop reading and researching and begin our vacation. I have to tell you, I'm a little intimidated writing this blog. Our "followers" have high hopes for it! But here goes...... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Lockhart August 17th 2013

Geo: 29.8847, -97.6697So, we're going to play a little with a travel blog. Thanks, Don and Mary for the inspiration! We figure it will be good practice for when we do our round-the-world trip when Charlie retires.We promise not to bore you with every single detail, although you may get incredibly bored. In which case, you must really love us to subscribe to this!So, come along with us as we explore Scotland and England. Just 3 more days!... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Lockhart March 16th 2012

Traveled to Lockhart State Park for spring break 2012. Stayed 3 nights. It was very quiet as the park only has 20 campsites. It also has a golf course. County prisoners are utilized to keep the grounds tidy. Two or three will ride around in a golf cart with a Park Peace Officer. I watched as an Officer attempted to open a car that had the keys locked in it. The prisoners were sitting in the golf cart waiting. Ironic. A man and his daughter in the next camp site were watching as the Officer struggled to unlock the car with a coat hanger; Daughter: “Daddy, why is that man in a striped suit?” Father: “He is a prisoner. He did something wrong.” Daughter: “What did he do?’ Father: “I don’t know, broke into a car ... read more
Chisholm Trail

North America » United States » Texas » Lockhart May 13th 2006

Today I thought it is a good day to explore the area south of Austin and have a look where US-183 will go to. So I'm driving south of Austin today on US-183. While 183 through Austin is a Freeway, which means the street has a median to separate the opposite directions of traffic and no intersections, it becomes a regular highway with mainly two lanes in each direction soon after you leave Austin. But traffic is still astonishingly high. Not that I have to drive bumper-to-bumper but there is still someone ahead or in your rear-view mirror. Along the highway there is open but privat land which seam to belong to farmers but most of it isn't cultivated. Sometimes I see livestock and you can call them happy cows because each of them has probably ... read more

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