Four Weeks in the Outback

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July 27th 2009
Published: July 27th 2009
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We just got back from our summer vacation. Four weeks in the Outback and we didn’t even leave the U.S. The Outback we were in is our travel trailer, so if you wanted to hear about Australia you are at the wrong blog. As I had little internet access during our trip, my blogs will have a delay. Radio often uses a 7 second delay. Halftime Superbowl does not. Mine will be more like 3 weeks. I once hoped that my blogs would help save my sanity, but quickly realized that is not possible. I’m sure that a few (very few) will await my blogs with anticipation. Many (very many) will not. I will start with a contest. Here is a photo of a bell. Be the first to name the major (maybe minor) motion picture the bell starred in ( not Belle Starr) and win ...... something. I don't know what, but something.

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28th July 2009

Movie Title
Could it be Vacation, the part where Bill Murray rented the tents? If we win (and I hope we do), the prize must be for Terry, although we will share!
21st August 2009

Contest results
Due to the underwhelming response to my contest, it was necessary to call together my panel of distinguished judges to determine the winner. Here is a recap of their findings. The first judge to speak was Judge K. Ford. She said “The movie is not called ‘Vacation’, it’s ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation’. And it wasn’t Bill Murray that rented the tent; it was his brother Brian Doyle-Murray. Looks like somebody need to watch the movie again.” I took that a “no” vote. Next up was Judge C. Bell. She said “You a nice man. I like your tie.” I didn’t have a tie on. I didn’t count her vote. Number three was Judge W. Bivens. He stared at his shoes (or the floor, I’m not sure which) and remained silent. His grandmother went to great lengths to explain his present mental condition, but I don’t remember what she said. No vote counted here. Judge J. Moreno was our final, and most senior, speaker. He said “Jus go ahead and gib it to her.” As Judge Moreno’s vote carries more weight than any other vote, the prize is yours. It will be delivered soon and will be suitable for framing. You may give it to or share it with anyone of you choosing. Terry could (and should) display it in his waiting room.

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