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July 10th 2009
Published: July 10th 2009
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Arrived at the Albuquerque KOA at about 6 PM. We were escorted to out site which was between two rigs that made our unit look like the Beverly Hillbillies coming to town. They both had slides on their units. I have a slide, but mine in manual. Theirs are electric. They have “The Electric Slide”. If you don’t get it, you are reading the wrong travel blog.

I spoke with both owners. Neither were in education. The man on the left drove a class A motor home. He was a retired sheetrock salesman. I asked him how involved sheetrock sales were. This is what he told me. “Well, people call you up and tell you what they want. You quote them a price, they pay you, and you send them the sheetrock.” I waited for some enlightening trade secret. None was forthcoming. I asked “Is that about it?”. He said “Yep, that’s about it”.

The neighbor on the other side was a welding inspector. He is not yet retired. I asked him about his work. He asked me what I knew about welds. I told him that I know a bad weld when I see it, a good weld when I see it, and a really good weld when I see it. He said that he calls them they way he sees them. A bad weld gets “Dog won’t hunt”. A good weld gets “Dog will hunt”. A really good weld gets “ Sweet”. I asked “Is that about it?” He said “Well, there is one variation I use. If both parties involved are ex military, I may use ‘Sat, unsat, and outstanding’. But that is just personal preference.” I asked “Is that about it?”. He said “Yep, that’s about it”.
And I chose education. It’s off to Mesa Verde in the morning.


11th July 2009

High-Class Neighbors
Boy, and to think that I’m missing out on the camaraderie of the RV park. Did any of your RV neighbors happen to be into propane and propane accessories?
20th July 2009

There was a guy named "Hank" up the "Hill". I took him to Luby's. He tried to "Kahn" me out of a "Luanne Platter" but I didn't "Cotton" to that.

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