Hopi Dancers & Nelson Pruitt

Published: August 3rd 2009
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1: dancers 69 secs
On July 4th we went to the amphitheatre and watched some people from Arizona dance. The little guy is 4 years old. He has made great strides in his dancing abilities. Last year he took about a half dozen steps then laid down on a rock and went to sleep. It looks like the girl on the right closed here eyes just as I took the photo, but she is really in a dance induced trance. Notice the Tribal Elder with a collection plate in the background. I slipped her a 5.
Later that day we went into Cortez. We were invited to a picnic at a friend’s house. A character by the name of Nelson Pruitt was there. If you Google “maury povich nelson pruitt” you will be directed to a 7 min. YouTube video which will give you a clue as to what I was in for on that day. We visited a good long while. When it was time to go Nelson asked me where we were headed next. I told him that we were going to 30 Mile Campground. I had a strange feeling that I had not seen the last of Nelson Pruitt.

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3rd August 2009

Two Questions and One Comment
First: Does this picture show that Nelson grew back his beard after the Maury Povich show? 2: What about the cow bell contest? Is there a winner? E: Contributing to Native Americans only encourages them to live a state of dependant welfare. Haven't you ever heard that saying about "Give a Native American a $5 bill and you booze him for a day. Teach a Native American how to earn a $5 bill and you booze him for a lifetime"?
3rd August 2009

Not only did Nelson grow his hair back, but he sold his false teeth for $100 as soon as he got home. As to the contest, would you care to enter? I didn't give that woman $5, I gave her 5 cents.

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