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North America » United States » Texas » Houston April 22nd 2023

Another 5 hours of driving today to get us to Houston. We took a quick jaunt to Uptown Houston to see a man-made waterfall. The next day we visited Johnson Space Center, the Training base and home for our nation’s astronauts and the site of Mission Control. At Space Center Houston, we walked around inside and saw exhibits on space suits, displays for Apollo, Mercury, Gemini and Artemis programs, the mission to Mars, and the International Space Station. Outside we took an open-air tram tour of the George W.S. Abbey Rocket Park which housed a Saturn V rocket, and then walked over to Independence plaza to explore a space shuttle and a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.... read more
Waterfall Inside
Waterfall Outside
Artemis-NASA's current Moon program

North America » United States » Texas » Houston February 27th 2023

As our friends are selling their homes in the Houston area, we guess that this should be our last planned trip here. We used this last couple of weeks to really explore all that Houston has to offer. Visiting the beautiful parks, eat at incredible restaurants, ride bikes on the abundant paths, and of course visit the Space Center. Don signed us up for about every extra opportunity the center had to offer. We rode the simulator ride, toured the area, visited the historic mission control center, and spent the entire day exploring. I didn't think I would like it as much as I did. There was a plethora of information from NASA's past and how we got where we are today and a peak at the future endeavors. It really makes the mind work, will ... read more
This is me!
This is me!
Space Center Houston

North America » United States » Texas » Houston December 30th 2022

!!!!Newsflash!!!! Don has completed his cross country bike ride and is now joining me on completing our travel back home to Oregon. Don and I have settled down for about one month in Houston Texas. Our friends James and Rita greeted us, opened there home, and we are still here. Warning: Be careful when you offer a place for friends to stay. It worked out that we could house sit for them while they visited beautiful sunny Costa Rica for a couple weeks. I really enjoyed having a full kitchen to cook in. Right away Don and I started to cook some incredible foods. BBQ, salads, cold beer, roasted vegetables. Rita's kitchen is built and equipped with everything a person needs to be creative. A very short walk and we could access an open market to ... read more
Guinea hens
Guinea hens
Making ourselves at home

North America » United States » Texas » Houston August 8th 2022

Today is effectively the last day of our holiday, although in reality it's all a bit of a write-off as we need to be at the airport by 1.00pm. I took the opportunity for one last photography outing. Unfortunately, on the one occasion I picked a location that would not include the actual sunrise, it was when there was an amazing sunrise, but in completely the opposite direction to the cityscape that I was aiming to photograph. Some photos of the sunrise behind a building site (which was actually already at work) were not really what I was after. The early start at the building site seemed typical. Even when I left at 5.15am, the road into Houston was already heaving. People obviously start work very early here. I took my photos and then drove back ... read more
Fuel Price
George Bush Airport
#1 US Airport

North America » United States » Texas » Houston July 28th 2022

Given the six hour time difference, we were inevitably awake early, so I did my usual and went out to get some sunrise photographs (it has been an amazing sunset when we were driving yesterday evening). There is a lake nearby (Clear Lake) so I walked there and was not disappointed - a stunning sunrise, with a number of palm trees to provide some interest. Already at this time in the morning it was starting to get hot and humid. Note to self - leave my camera in the car overnight, as it was cold from the air conditioning in the hotel room and promptly misted up as I was trying to take photos. After the sunset I watched the fish jumping out of the water for a while (I'm not sure what they're trying to ... read more
Texas Sunrise
Space Based Street Names

North America » United States » Texas » Houston July 28th 2022

Today, we thought we would head into Downtown Houston, although our guidebook had not filled us with optimism for what we would find when we got there. We were staying about 10 miles from Downtown, but it was fast and straightforward on the Interstate 45. There was just all the lanes coming and going and I think there were up to nine lanes in each direction at one point. There's also a constant stream of raised advertising boards, most of which seemed to be for ambulance-chasing lawyers. Don't get me started on them, as that scourge of modern life has been exported to the UK now. We headed to the Montrose District first, which our guidebook had said was one of the few areas that could be explored on foot. Sorry Houston, but we were decidedly ... read more
Interstate 45
Central Business District
Voodoo Doughnuts

North America » United States » Texas » Houston September 3rd 2021

Submitted the initial application August 30, 2021. Completed the second step September 2, 2021. The second stage was a two question video questionnaire. Reached out to the recruiter to let him know and he informed me that we should get a response in two to three weeks. Exited about the possibility of working in Saudi. Perhaps the most important development, got the OK and the "Go Ahead" from the wife.... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Houston September 29th 2018

May 2011: Finally, the day came - the day to bid farewell to my 11 year-long life in the USA. Texas has been my home for several years and very close to my heart. But the time has come to leave a lot of good friends, my home in The Woodlands, and an ecosystem my family built in a few years. All I could carry with me was a lot of good memories. Sometime back, I wrote about our visit to a farmland vacation destination near Bangalore. Here in this post, I am sharing my experience of moving from the USA to Bangalore and how I ended up getting a farmland holiday home at Bangalore instead of moving to Kerala, my home state. I moved to the USA as part of work in 1999. It was ... read more
Last day in USA

North America » United States » Texas » Houston September 10th 2018

It’s a rainy day in Houston... and we are about to embark on the Gingles Expedition. Teresa and David Gingles of Gingles Familly LLC, Young Living Essential Oils independent distributor has hired me to produce their trip video as they explore what a difference donations can make in the life of an African village and how brings one of our most precious gifts to humans around the world.... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Houston July 14th 2018

Named after a famous district in Rome, Tivoli, travertine’s origins begin in a small, central Italian city where it was first discovered and used as the primary building material. The most well-known quarries still exist in Tivoli and Guidonia Montecelio, a city situated near Tivoli in central Rome. These quarries have been around since Ancient Roman times and still remain a prime location for travertine mining today. Italian weather has made Italy the prime location for travertine to thrive, where its usage and origins date back to the middle ages. Travertine in Roman and European Construction Guidonia Montecelio also has historical significance because the quarry produced travertine for St. Peter’s Square in Rome. Michelangelo chose travertine as the material to construct the external ribs of the dome in St. Peter’s Basilica, showing how travertine can be ... read more

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