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North America » United States » Texas » Harlingen October 4th 2015

We rode back to Magic City BMW to have an oil change for the bike which took a while but needs must. We decided we needed cooler bike gear so stopped off at Cycle Gear Orlando and we each purchased summer weight jackets, tools, Trev got some pants and I got a new snood. That done we headed to our accommodation in Titusville which is close to the Kennedy Space Centre. We headed off to the Kennedy Space Centre early and in the rain. We were held up for about twenty minutes by a NASA crawler transporter which moves at about 2mph, we couldn't pass it as it had three police escorts so we had to just hope it would let us by which it did. At the KSC we went to the rocket garden, the ... read more
It's a tough life
At Curtis and Janet's home

North America » United States » Texas » Harlingen April 7th 2013

In the event somebody else might attempt this walk-about, I have found two books that are invaluable: "Camino de Santiago" and "Camino finisterre" both by John Brierley. Rick Steve's "Spain" covers the whole country, but gives additional insight. I recommend all three, which are available via Amazon and others. It is my goal to get to Santiago. After a cerveza or three I hope to continue to Finisterre, then Muxia. After that I'm through hiking. At present my plan is to continue from Muxia to A Coruna by bus, see Sir Joh Moore's grave, give that warrior a salute, and go to the beach for a day or two. At present it appears that I will have about a week before having to be in Paris to return to my beloved Texas. I have not yet ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Harlingen April 3rd 2013

About 7 months ago I decided I would hike the Compestela de Santiago in Northern Spain. Now I wonder - as I often do - What the hell was I thinking? Perhaps it is a warm up for the Appalatchian Trail, which is about 4 times the length. One main difference is that on the AT you have to hump all your chow, tent, etc. A real hike in the outdoors. In Spain there are places to stay and eat along the way, and it is very well laid out. It's "just" a very long walk. My travel plans have me departing Harlingen on May 2, driving 35 miles west to McAllen, boarding American for DFW, then ORD, then London, arriving Paris on May 3. Spending night in Paris, then boarding train on May 4 for ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Harlingen January 15th 2011

Hi all, I can't be homesick these days, it feels just like home. The morning in San Antonio, Texas it was 33.7F when I got up and at home, it looks like it is about 34F. Not what I bargained for a winter vacation. Sure not like Mexico but I won't go there. San Antonio was a farse actually. Went downtown yesterday to do the Riverwalk in the 3C weather. It was closed as were most of the restaurants along the walk. I guess once a year they empty the river for cleaning and thats what was happening. Went on a nice and warm trolley ride and saw the sites around SA. Also, saw the Alamo. It was partially in and partially out. We dressed in every layer we could find around our 5th. I actually ... read more
Dairy Queen BD cake - no changes please
Christmas Eve in our apartment
Santa incognito

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