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April 7th 2013
Published: April 7th 2013
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In the event somebody else might attempt this walk-about, I have found two books that are invaluable: "Camino de Santiago" and "Camino finisterre" both by John Brierley. Rick Steve's "Spain" covers the whole country, but gives additional insight. I recommend all three, which are available via Amazon and others.

It is my goal to get to Santiago. After a cerveza or three I hope to continue to Finisterre, then Muxia. After that I'm through hiking. At present my plan is to continue from Muxia to A Coruna by bus, see Sir Joh Moore's grave, give that warrior a salute, and go to the beach for a day or two.

At present it appears that I will have about a week before having to be in Paris to return to my beloved Texas. I have not yet decided whether to go to Pau, on the French side of the Pyranees and fly gliders for a couple of days or travel to Normandy and salute those who paid the ultimate price for defeating terrorism. Hopefully I can do both.

Actually, I feel guilty about doing the Camono de Santiago. For at least 40+ years I have dreamed about walking the Appalatchian Trail. I think I waited too long for the AT. On the Camino you may not find a Holiday Inn in every village, but there is a roof and a hot meal, unlike the AT where you have to hump your tent and chow.

As May 2 approaches I wonder again: What the hell was I thinking? It's almost time to do a practice packing exercise to see: 1. If it all fits, and 2. What can I leave behing to lighten the load? Of course all that solves itself by simply leaving stuff in the trash bins along the road! I wonder if you can buy Motrin over there ...


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