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North America » United States » Texas » Bedford July 10th 2017

Today's blog post is concise and to the point. Jennifer and I slept in until about 0930hrs yesterday. At that point, I got up and started some laundry before piddling around the house. Jennifer went out to Target and bought some mosquito repellant as well as some fizzy water and some drinks. She also picked up "Chicken Express" which she has been raving about since we started talking about this trip. It was KFC chicken strips with fewer seasonings and some white gravy to dip them in, the best part of the whole meal IMHO was the Mashed Potatoes which were nothing more than Sysco/U.S. Foods potato flakes. Anyway, I am digressing the rest of the day was spent playing Cards Against Humanity and a new game called Million Dollars but...I love Cards Against Humanity but ... read more
Cards Against Humanity (The Christopher Deck)
Enjoying a game of warped senses of Humor
Million Dollars But...

North America » United States » Texas » Bedford June 27th 2010

Packing to leave. Why do I wait until midnight? No need to hurry, though. We have no timetables, or places to be. We are footloose and fancy free. Steve just told me he hopes the Western Trip ,as he calls it, will inspire him to write and do something. Quote. I hope it inspires me to. I am taking a sketch pad and notebook, too. I will cross several things off my Bucket List this trip. 'Going back to some places I went as a child, and see things that are new to me. As I tell people where I am going this trip, several things are becoming abundantly clear to me. More men that women go to the Grand Canyon. I don't think I have met anyone this week who is female, of any age, ... read more

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