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December 28th 2008
Published: December 28th 2008
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I made my fourth trip north since August of this year. Two were evacuating from hurricanes and two for pleasure.

Traffic without an evacuation is nice. Weather was a little trying on the way to Dallas but not bad coming back.

Weather has been warm for the season these last few days - both in Dallas and on the coast. For those of you
that dream of cold weather and a white Christmas this time of year in this area - Sorry, but I LOVE it ! I was born
to be in evening dresses and high heals or shorts and flip-flops.

Of course, in Dallas I cooked. Throughout my stay guests were abundant and all made merry. Did I take pictures of
all the friends? No. It's just not something that I think to do when I'm having fun.

Do have to report that on my return trip this afternoon, I saw two interesting things, both very close to my community.

The first was a fireworks store, rather large, on a major highway, that had the stick-in-the-ground signs that were
advertising smoked and barbecued eats. Egad! Fireworks AND fire! Yes, officer, I was going over the posted speed
limit for at least five miles!

The second was in a community just north of my area; a little community that has never been called affluent but is
quaint in it's own way. It's an area that received damage from two hurricanes in the last three years. A sign outside
of a small shop read 'Now Open - Business for Sale'. How sad. I pondered for miles as to the cause of having to sell.
There are so many variables these days for a little shop to worry about.

Nevertheless, mine was a good Christmas holiday and I hope you all had equal enjoyment.

Have plans tomorrow to meet up with our friend, David, in for the holidays from his assignment in Singapore.

The worst thing about holiday and various other types of populated gatherings are the sniffles and sneezes that may
hit you and yours in the days to come.

My New Year's Eve plans haven't been firmed up yet, as I just got back to town and haven't touched base with those
I'm scheduled to celebrate with. Champagne's on ice already though and plenty of it!

Please enjoy your own New Year's Eve and Day, be safe in your travels and celebrations and I wish all a happily
amazing 2009.


28th December 2008

Happy New Year
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28th December 2008

Yucatan pronto!
Gran resolución! Cuando ganemos la lotería!

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