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December 12th 2008
Published: December 12th 2008
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Snow in coastal southeast Texas !! I have to repeat myself.

Beautiful, dangerous, uncomfortable - that's the way we woke up this morning.

Actually they say that the snow started falling in some areas around 9:00 p.m.
last night. I was getting ready for bed to get up early for work so I don't
notice things happening outside.

The local radio and news have many stories from listeners and readers on the
fun and beauty of the phenomena we very rarely see in this area. It seemed
to turn every adult that called or wrote in to these media outlets into children
having fun. No child called in but you know they were having fun, many seeing
snow for the first time in their lives. There were adults that had never seen
this white stuff as well!

The dangerous parts were the iced (and closed) bridges and highways, the
driving conditions that we are not at all experienced in, and the cold for those
without adequate clothing, housing and / or heating sources.

Our local news reported one death from a vehicle accident (unknown if actually
attributed to the weather) late last night / early morning and another 71 vehicle
accidents during the time period of midnight to 10:00 a.m. this morning.

Again let me repeat - we do not have experience in this type of driving conditions.

I remember a snow experience living in this area when I was in elementary school -
and that was a very long time ago.

We had some snow in the 1970s and a dusting during the Christmas holidays just
a couple of years ago, but this was not what I was expecting. I feel sure that
many had no idea that we would accumulate this much white stuff without it
melting immediately upon hitting our hot Texas soils.

I had the doubt of snow accumulation actually happening here like some people
close to this area usually doubt that a hurricane is coming this way.

My area knows that the upper Texas coast is a magnet for those nasty devils
and the mid western Texas coast (okay, let me say it - Galveston and Houston)
have only had a breeze from our backlash. They poo-poo hurricanes. After this
year with Hurricane Ike maybe they will have more sympathy and less snide
comments on our preparations and evacuations during those stressful times.

Back to the snow - it was pretty, but. I really don't like cold. And because I
did not want to put the garbage cans out when I got home from work last evening
in the dark, had to dress like the dough boy to put them out as the sun peeked
through this morning.

I had heard by 5:30 that the bridges and highways were closed in certain locations.

Many of them were on my way from my Orange county to Jefferson county. In
fact you couldn't reach Jefferson county from here on the south end. This was
with good reason - the Rainbow Bridge goes straight up and straight down.

Leaving Orange county from the mid north on I-10 didn't sound good from radio
information - vehicles in ditches and going sideways over the Neches River bridge
(whatever it's new name is).

The only other Texas option is to go north. Yeah, that makes sense. They're
even colder, although not that many miles away, and reports of the white stuff is
more than here.

My work responsibility started with a meeting in Beaumont this morning meaning I
would travel the I-10 Neches River way. Many of our group were coming from
the Houston area as well as Orange county. Even immediate Beaumont metro is
not without bridges. The solution to our situation was to have a teleconference
and that worked quite well.

The rest of the day I addressed my Christmas cards but couldn't make myself
walk out to the mailbox in the cold. They'll go in there tomorrow.

This area on the coast is a vast community of water and water tables just under
our feet. We seem to be our own nation of bridges.

It is predicted to be cold again tonight but no precipitation of any sort and a
warming trend beginning tomorrow.

That's the coastal southeast Texas I know and love!


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