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October 21st 2015
Published: October 21st 2015
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"He says" This will be more relaxed reflections as we have good wifi and are stationary for a few days which means I can take the time to think about where we have been.....

The further south we have gone the more the country is truly remarkable with rolling hills and forests that are display in brilliant colours as fall approaches. The most interesting thing is the people we encounter who exude a quiet charm of relaxed friendliness....."how yall doin....ain't this a great day".... in a deep southern drawl that makes me feel I'm in a movie set about the South. I still find it hard to believe Sue and I are in Tennesse.....there are many African Americans as we slowly funnel south and I love their southern expressions and can stand off to the side and enjoy hearing their exchanges with one another. We Canadians merely talk; they sing their words as they speak.

I can not say enough about the people whom we've meet, alway friendly and will help you at the drop of a hat. We in Canada are friendly but exchanges between strangers is usually short with only a "Hi" or "Hello" and travel in

This is the Music Hall of Fame building in downtown Nashville.
the larger cities it is a rare some ways sad that we don't remove those boundaries.

As we go south the fuel prices continues to drop and we now pay as little as $2.10 a gallon for diesel; pulling the unit on the highway I'm getting about 13.5 MPG if the driving country is relatively flat and not a lot of climbing. This is really good considering what I am pulling. Having the same problem I've had before with the truck registering catylitic converter warning light if it over revs...have learned to ignore it and I am planning on making changes in Mexico. Everything with the truck and 5th wheel have worked perfectly to this point mechanically speaking ( other than previously mention CC problem) and the only issues have been loose bolts and things that have rattled loose over the bumps and thumps of driving. I have a lot of tools and repair items which include a welder, grinders, etc. on this trip and have learned this is my mobile home and what I need for any repair or alteration must be carried.

We stopped at Two Rivers RV park in Nashville, Tennesse, got set up

Here is the inside of the Hall. It was a beautiful building with shops and pictures...
and took the shuttle into town; we had been warned parking was hard to find and one of the people at the park took his large truck into the busy streets to park and he spent $ 28.00 on parking....hence the shuttle. Let off downtown outside of the Music Hall of Fame. Incredible building that housed a large theater and stage complex which we decided to not see but slowly perused the various displays through out the halls. Numerous pictures and clothes or costumes the famous have worn. Secquins and sparkles for the most part...lots of glitze.

Nashville is bombastic, busy, laughter filled, noisy, plastered with somewhat garish displays, and it's sidewalks are the pathways of the rich, the famous, the poor, and colourful characters that give this amazing city its vibrancy. From tall loud rednecks to dainty secretaries and bridal parties all wander the streets to gather in the bars and have a good time. People drink....., laugh.....yell..... and just enjoy themselves. The Peddle bars are something I had never experienced before and those on these travelling drink barges loudly exchange with all they pass on the street and sidewalk.. Cowboy boots and hat with blue jeans is

Horse sculpted out of pieces of driftwood; thousands of small pieces nailed together to creat this wonder
the expected dress but so many are to just see and experience and wear exactly what they are comfortable in from shorts to loud shirts. AN AMAZING AND VIBRANT CITY.....without the drunkenesss on the sidewalks you might expect.

We went into a small eatery and sat watching the passing parade of activity as we drank our beers and luke warm sausages ( sent them back to be reheated). Back on the street again we slowly walked by all of the Honky Tonk bars with each offering their own special live music. Foot stompin and easy listening.....some LOUD....IN FACT REALLY LOUD but it all was very extraordinary. I commented to Sue that if this was Vancouver you would see drunken mayhem rather than this scene of people having a good time and enjoying themselves....

Took the shuttle back and sat quietly reflecting on this city that is so much about country music.....was a great experience and many memories we share and not enough space to write about it all. Other than to say WOW!!!!!

"She says": It really was an amazing city. The weather is getting warmer during the day, but still quite cool at night. Nashville was

the halls around the theatre display cases showing various stars apparel; this was Reba Mackintyre's
fun...but I am not a country music fan, so it wasn't th highlight of our trip.....It was fun touring around and watching all the people. This trip has been so good for us. We have always talked and enjoyed each other, but while on the road it is more intense. Or sometimes we just sit across from each other and read. Nashville was fun, but I am looking forward to Memphis......until next time.

Additional photos below
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city had many sky scrapers; thought this was Batman's headquarters!!!!!

This was definitely a first for us; these are mobile bike pedaled "bars"; you pay a certain fee and the operator provides the beer as you pedal around the streets. Lots of hooping and hollering and interaction with passerbys

Johnny Cash forever immortalized

three story drinking and partying palace; lots of loud music and laughter

old time theatre

downtown party land

need I say more; party on!!!!

cool restaurants and bars everywhere we went

boot city; this is definitely "cowboyland"

you buy your boots at one store and a hat at the next; you are now officially a redneck

something for everyone.........

one big, seriously big boot

another example of crazy public art......weird to say the least

tennessee river runs through the city

flashback to the 60s;

very cool guy druming ona plastic pail, amazing the rythum and sound he cold get from his simple everday object

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