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October 19th 2015
Published: October 20th 2015
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We wanted to get into the speedway, but our truck was too big and there was nowhere to park.....
"He says" : It has been a while; problem is that we spend a lot of time in RV parks or places that have no WiFi... so we experience a lot and take lots of pictures but are unable to do a blog so please be patient with us.....this is actually being written in Alabama but I know you will forgive me if the "story" of our journey is a bit brief and very condensed!!!

Leaving Canada and entering the states was exciting; we crossed the border with no problems and we're now in a land that our dollar was worth 75 cents...comforting that not only are we poor but the label of "trailer trash' is appropriate; the tin cup of begging is now very much needed...I wish I could sing and play an instrument rather than standing beside an open hat!!!!

Michigan was basically a fast trip as we headed towards Indiana....always amazes me the freeways and highways in the States which quickly slots you around the nation. Fuel is slightly cheaper but diesel is more than gas but all in all it is still cheaper that Canada....everything seems to be cheaper down here.

We finally arrived

This place was called Indy Lake RV park. It was a very interesting place. You had to pay to fish in these lakes. There were two of them. It was very interesting to watch the fisherman.
in Indiana and were heading towards Indianapolis Speedway; after numerous turns and struggles to find this landmark we are place to park and the only way to take a picture is a quick drive by....oh well I felt like I was on the track for just a fraction of a second.....actually glad to be heading out of the city because pulling a 33 ft. fifth wheel down crowded city streets is not great. Have boon docked at a few places and finally stopped at a small place called Indy Lake which is a small RV park that has a "puddle" next to the park....people pay to fish and hope they catch the fish that is in a certain weight category and win money ( pay to fish and be paid for a fish!!!!) The previous week a young kid won $9000 for a fish weighing a specific amount that had not been caught in a number of years. The fish is placed in a tank and must be alive to claim the prize money; he spent the night carefully watching it in the tank to make sure it was alive when the owner came in the morning. A very

This was just our site at Indy Lake.
different way to fish than what I"m used to .....watched a guy catch a 15 lb. fish but let it go as it was not in the right weight category. A very laid back way to fish, sit with a beer and relax until the beeper goes off on your rod holder and grab your rod.

Headed into Cave City in Kentucky and we're going to see the Mammoth Caverns.....the RV park was nice and the surrounding country is so different with huge oak and maple trees that cover the hills. You walk under a canopy of leaves and the sunlight filtering thru this scene in a state of awe...saw a few wild turkeys and wondered what they would be like on a thanksgiving table!!! The Caverns with all of the various forms that have slowly created over thousands of years are breath don't understand absence of light until you are 200 ft. underground and the guide turns the lights off; you can place your hand inches from your face and see nothing...blackness that is beyond words.

The guide was very good at explaining the different formations and providing the history of these caves and their relationship

different way to fish; sensors that report a bite on your line as you sit sucking a beer; I want some....
to the surrounding area; some caverns were privately owned and without the ideas of ecology or preservation existing some used this whole cave tours as an "anything for money" attitude who chipped and stripped the caverns of parts of the rock formations to sell above ground.

From ancient rock formations to Dinosaur Land; the museum was interesting and the 10 acre park which you walked thru to see the different beasts was a unique way to show the various dinos in a more natural setting. They were a little lacking in detail and lacked museum quality finish but each of the statue's size and hugeness of these creatures leaves you with a scary feeling should one of these things be after you like crazy!!!!!!

We also took the time to visit a racing horse home in Bowling Green; horses that have been retired from the racing circuit are allowed to spend their final years relaxing in open fields and fenced freedom....a perfect final setting for horses who have made their owners bundles of money. Some retire after making millions in their racing careers. Thee was only five horses at this time but it was a good feeling

interesting assortment of fishing gear; different bait than what I'm what I'm used to. The bait is a mix of oatmeal and other secret stuff; it's packed into a ball and then slowly melts underwater to reveal your hook
to see someone caring for these horses in the final years of their lives. From horses in the field we headed off to horses under the hood.... the Corvette museum.

Anyone who is a car guy has to visit this place...corvette mecca.. it was appropriate that the vette parked in front had a licence plate "MY RV" as I can relate to anyone who has wanted these beautiful cars. The cars and settings were great and it was interesting to follow the history of this remarkable creation from 1954 to the present. The technology and design that goes into these creations was really an eye opener.... beauty and design take time and expertise to reach a final product. A number of years ago a sinkhole opened up in the middle of the building and swallowed a number of vettes ; this was something I had read about and it is always a some what eerie experience to actually be on the spot and see the damage that happened in the middle of this museum. Sad to see the damage that was done to so many of these vehicles. Many one of a kind and unusual vettes... a must see

On our way to Kentucky.....
for a lover of fine cars. You walk away from all of these cars and it only wets your appetite to own one....maybe Sue will let me sell the RV.....nah ain't gonna happen!!!

"She says": Well...I just wanted to add how amazing this country is and how friendly everyone is. We have yet to come across anyone who doesn't have a smile on their face and a "hi y'all, how are you doing today". Gerry actually said about all of what we have been doing. So rather than repeating things, we will close for now. This is a trip of a lifetime and we are enjoying it every minute. We hope you are enjoying coming with us. We are heading to Nashville and Graceland next.


Additional photos below
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Just pictures as we drove by Louisville.

This is a picture of a corvette we saw outside the Corvette Museum in Bowlinggreen, Kentucky

Do you think Gerry was having a moment?......

This was made with a collage of tiny pictures all put together.

A close up of the corvette mural.

remains of corvettes that plunged into sink hole at the museum

tragic to see such classic cars destroyed

outline of the total area the sink hole

what can you say.....

Art that people did that is in the Corvette Museum. Made out of corvette parts.

This is a place where race horses can retire. This is a new facility that just opened in July. It only has 4 horses, but there is also one in Georgetown, Kentucky that has many more retired race horses.

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