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June 6th 2010
Published: June 9th 2010
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well after 12 states and just over 3000 miles, we arrived in memphis. Walking with my feet ten feet off of Beale. like many towns down south drinking on the street is permitted if you have a to-go cup... whitch we do. but here in memphis, its only allowed on beale. which is understandable. you really dont want a bunch of drunken hooligans running around your city if you can help it. al least until 3 o'clock when the boot you off of beale and actually force you to meander through a variety of streets. most of which on probably shouldn't be on at 3 in the morning, unless its in an armoured humvee with a 60 cal. on top to defend yourself with. but such is life, at least such is my life.

anyway, we caught a impromtu jam session in the park unfortunatly i didnt have my didge with me. ive been practicing as much as i can, and making an effort to carry it with me as much as i can, but more often than not, i forget.

but all in all memphis is a sweet town. this is the third day ive made an effort to finish writing this blog. its getting so i... never mind.


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