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June 10th 2010
Published: June 10th 2010
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Well here in olde St. Lois yall going pretty crazy for the baseball stuff. cookoo for cardinal puffs. we might try and catch a game this weekend. so far its been pretty fun here. walk down town for a while. the architetual style here is some kind of hodgepodge from every historically important era. it makes little sense but you can forgive its lack of continutity by its consistensey to be inconsistent. the arch if further proof of this..

what shape says western expansion like the mighty arch? yeah, i dont know but their real proud of it here, so i let it go. so far the food has been pretty ok. im really looking forward to chicago though. the really cool thing here was a place called city museum. look it up if your in town. its like a 10 story playground. nothing but slide, swings and jungle gyms. All created to be as art. atop the building on the roof is a school bus dangling half off. i hoped right behind the driver seat and smashed into a chorus of hail to the busdriver. we rode the ferris wheel. the giant swing below the equally giant praying mantis above the dome. then a 10 story cylindrical slide that drops you all the way down into the basement of concrete caverns, barely lit and not for the closter-phobic, truely. the videos are on facebook.

looks like we might slide out opf here on monday morning and head up the the weldon springs state park for a few days. then up to shy-town. and pizza, superdogs, and whatever else i can cram down my cram whole.


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