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June 18th 2010
Published: June 18th 2010
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Well after a pretty raucous final nite in st. louis, including a wrestling match, swim in a lake, and the commandering of a bi-pedal powered vessal, we set off for chicago. We made some good friends there. One in particular threatened to pull a linbergh baby us, and kidnapp us off to her house. though a temping offer it was, time constraints proved unmelodic. so off we rolled.

Now having slept the bare minimum for operational readiness, the likelihood off covering and grand distances was small. But drive we did... quite nearly right over a little brown puppy attemping to cross interstate 55. At first glance it appeared to be some type of rodent, which incidentally i would slow down for as well, but as we grew closer, it became most obvious it was a puppy. after the las car in front of us narrowly missed him, i took up the lane until the pup made it safely off to the shoulder. Wrenching the missile off the road, i came as quickly as to a stop as the brakes would allow. Popped out and hauled ass to scoot the little fella' off the road and scoop him up.

The little bastard was the cutiest little brown wolf dog looking thing. He couldn't have weighed 6 pounds soaking wet, and he was soaking wet. I picked him up, and these crazy green eyes were giving me this look like "Have you seen my mother?".

So i toss the pup in the rv, and we agree the exit up might be a better spot to find someone to take him since where he was was nothing but corn fields. It had just rained, and as some of you know, rain makes corn, corn makes wiskey, wiskey makes my baby feelin' frisky.

At the exit i see a sign for the state police barracks, score. at the cop shop the head smokey was on the phone...with another cop... who just talked to the girl who lost the! Good deed for the day done.

Onward we roll unto chicago. Pizza... thats all im thinking about. Pizza. We hook up with Danny and Mandy, who are out here for the week. Park the Rv and head out on the train into the city, in search of pizza. Wandering about we soon realized it may not be as easy as swinging a cat and knocking over a pizzeria.

In the street i spotted a fine nubian traffic woman. Asking her if there were any good pizza places about, she answers"oh yeah!" then continues to instruct me as to the name of the establishment, directions unto its location, and what we should order. I really think she was getting hungry while she was talking. With a sales pitch like that we were off to giordano's for stuffed pizza.

The place was pretty cool, but who new it takes 45 minutes to cook a pizza. Not that they were busy, thats just how long it takes to cook. But boy o' boi it was goood! good and filling. this meal required some walkin' to sooth the savage beast know as my stomach.

So we walked down to the bean, aka the cloud gate sculpture. Caught some vivaldi from the chicago symphony, then walked to the love and marriage bundy's fountain aka buckingham fountain. Then it was off to fireworks at Navy Pier, which apperantly has nothing to do with the navy. Best 7 minute firework display ive ever seen. it was sponsored by a radio station so it was synchronized to music. awsome. sweet emotion with these raining willow type fireworks. really, i was impressed.

Today was just a quick walk around skokie, "where i was in a barbershop quartet with this orca fat guy named skip diskin"... nevermind. tomorrow, who knows.

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