lese le bon ton roulet!

Published: June 1st 2010
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Well its only been a week since we left savannah, but for some reason it seems much longer. for starters, we drove 400 miles out of savannah on the first day. thats double what i normally like to put the truck through, but she was running like a champ and i felt like driving, so on we went.

we made it to the north side of tallahasse. we camped out in a walmart to get a good jump on the morning. during that evening i found an interesting tunnel/labyrinth system near by which i took it upon myself to investigate. well so what if it was a storm drain system from the walmart parking lot. whats that got to do with anything. its an amazing and dangerous policy in the south to sell beer at every gas station, walmart, bakery, and nursery school. but i digress. in the morning i proposed that we allow our selves a proper breakfast so we shoved of directly for the waffle house. so quickly in fact, i didnt even wait for jodan to get out off the over cab bunk. coffee and i have an understanding. if i promise to ingest some upon arrival, i can drive for up to 5 minutes without any in the morning. any longer would risk angering my brain chemicals. so we have our breakfast and kick off westward.

Now georgia was a great state, even florida treated us well for the one day and night we were there. but the moment we hit alabama, we start getting some bad vibes. besides the people at the WELCOME center not being at all WELCOMING!, and the obsence traffic we hit on rt.10 just before mobile, the city itself couldn't have been a bigger waste of time. we both had some crazy notion that because no one ever talks about the alabama gulf coast, that it would be this hidden gem amoungst the gator infested swamplands. well sometimes there are reasons why you never hear anything about some place...because it SUCKS! Correction sucks and blows at the same time. we came in planning to stay the night, we left within 3 hours.

so on to mississippi we rolled with no hope of any improvement. but, we were pleasantly suprised at the welcome center. they gave us coffee, water, maps, pins, just a proper welcome as one should expect from southerners and their infamous hospitality. reinvigorated, we pushed on further and camped out again in a walmart. now, we had spoken to a friend of jodans in lafayette, which is 2 hours west of new orleans. she had off friday night through tuesday morning. wanting to maximize the time jodan could spent at his friends, and still have at least 2 days in new orleans, we had to kick right out off, even though we though we might like an extra day in mississippi. our path north might bring us back through the state.

my internet time grows short so i must increase my brievity. we rolled down to new orleans, but couldnt find a plase to park the missile in the city. we ended up camping about 7 miles south and i felt i didnt want to have a bad experiance in new orleans so we skipped going down town all together. next we drove north west to lafayette. met up with jodans friend hannah who took us to her sisters, where we stayed for the weekend. it was a musical, alcohol filled, joyous romp through various cooking styles and some cajun speak to go with it. We had a blast. Today were setting out for opalousas, the home of our favorite cajun spice maker, Tony Chachere. we are going to make a attempt to swipe as much swag as we can. any way, gotta roll. we headed north from here to escape the heat and bugs. seeya


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