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This trip has been in the making for several years and this just seemed to be the right time to do it. I have been genealogy research for several years now and have always wanted to go to Germany to see the family homestead. I have been talking with my cousin who lives in Stemwede about our grandparents and he suggested we come to Germany. Soooo. Since were already going to Amsterdam in September for a cruise to Spain and Portugal we decided to add a week onto the beginning of our trip and see what Germany has to offer, We are taking our adult daughter with us and she will leave us after the week and fly back home. So we have begun the planning of this trip including our flights They are booked and ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Collierville February 11th 2017

Geo: 35.0426, -89.6667I can't believe we are leaving tomorrow.  99% of everything is in the suitcase, Just need those little last minute things.   Papers, boarding passes, books - all packed.  My new purse is one of those travel protected ones, so we shall see how that works. Our living room has become a staging area for the stuff to take and the open suitcases.  You can tell Dave is getting antsy as he is moving stuff around and organizing what goes where.  So glad he does that.  I'm still trying to work at the office and get things organized a little more.  Have my hair cut and my nails done. Has been receiving all the well wishes and prayers for safe travel.  One of the couples going with us actually leaves today.... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Collierville January 31st 2017

Geo: 35.0426, -89.6667We are now just 12 days away from flying off to South America.  I must say I am excited but yet nervous as well.  I think we have done everything we need to do with banking, phones, bills, shots, excursions and now all that is left is packing.  Yuck!!!  The part I hate the most.  I second guess myself so many times. And usually pack way to much stuff - although I am getting better at that.Dave has all his camera gear out on a table and is cleaning off the storage devices so that we (he) can take a bunch more pictures.  We really need to find out a good way of using those pictures.... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Collierville January 12th 2017

Geo: 35.0426, -89.6667Well it is January 12, 2017 and the holidays are behind us.  So I guess it is time  to begin to prepare in earnest for our next trip.  We will be going on a 33 day cruise (yes 33 days) in South America ending back in Fort Lauderdale, with 2 days in Santiago prior to the cruise.The planning for this trip began in December of 2015 when a dear friend from South Carolina told me we were out of excuses about taking a trip with them.  Dave is now retired and it is a year away, so we looked at the cruise and said yes!!So we made the reservation and we have just waited.  In the meantime some of our travel buddies decided they might like to go with us.  We are now a ... read more

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