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When my wife and I had originally planned this trip, we planned for a couple days in Paris, 40 days on the Camino, and a couple weeks in Chipiona. Well, as they say, the best laid plans do oft go astray. First of all, Manoli had heard so much negative about the meseta, that she insisted on skipping it, by taking the bus from Burgos to Leon. So that took about 6-8 days off the Camino. Secondly, I hadn't really counted the number of days we'd have in Chipiona, and now there were 6 or so more. I really like Chipiona and my wife's family, and we went to a few interesting places, but by the end of the first week, I was really bored. When I started thinking about the number of days left in ... read more

Hey there, it looks like I am off on another Camino. In 2017, I walked the Camino Frances, a 500-mile walk across the top of Spain to Santiago de Compostella, the resting place of Saint James. It wasn't easy, but it was fun. In 2019, I walked part of the Camino Portuguese, a 200-mile plus walk from Porto, Portugal to Santiago. This one wasn't as enjoyable, partly because I got lost a couple times, and party because I didn't make any friends. I was planning walking the Camino del Norte last year, but COVID intervened. My wife heard about my plans, and said she'd like to go with me. Since the Camino del Norte is a bit less crowded, but a lot more rugged, I suggested we do the Camino Frances. Well, after a lot of ... read more

We'd already pretty much packed up the night before, so with our 5:30am alarms, we were downstairs waiting for our ride by 5:45am. Finally, at almost 6:10, our ride showed up. The nice gentleman apologized for running late and took to Boise International Airport, dropping us off out front. We checked in, got our tickets and were boarding pretty much on time. I make this statement because almost nothing was on time or easy after that! We arrived at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport around 11am Central time. Since our connecting flight was not until after 7pm that night and wouldn't show up on the boards for a while, we settled down near the gate we'd arrived at, after a long walk around Terminal C. Manoli got out her book and I hooked up my PC and settled ... read more

North America » United States » South Carolina » Simpsonville September 15th 2019

Well, things don’t always go the way you want them to. My brother-in-law Raphael gave us a ride to the base around 9am to check in for the possible direct flight to Charleston. When we left, it was showing online as tentatively 0 seats, but we knew things changed, often at the last minute. Besides, there were at least two other flights to the U.S. that day. We camped out in the USO lounge, until 11am when they announced that there would be no Space A passengers allowed on the flight to Charleston, due to the nature of the cargo, whatever that meant. We’d asked the guy at the check-in counter when we arrived and he’d said if they weren’t taking passengers on that one, he’d sign us up for the Patriot Express flight to Norfolk ... read more

Well, it's that time again... vacation. This year we hope to catch a flight on Sunday from JB Charleston in South Carolina to Rota Spain. My wife is travelling with me this time to visit her family, while I try to wear out my feet again. Some of you may remember my trek 2 years ago on the Camino Frances. 500+ miles in 35 days, of enjoyment! I still communicate on a regular basis with some of the friends I made on that walk, but was unable to convince any of them to join me again this time. This time I'll be walking the Camino Portuguese. 360 miles from Lisbon Portugal to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, hopefully in about 25 days. We'll land at the naval base in Rota Spain, where hopefully my brother-in-law Antonio ... read more

Well, this fall I'll be off to Portugal to walk the Camino Portuguese. I've been walking 3 to 6 hours at a time, 1 to 3 times a week to keep me in shape, but felt I needed a little something extra. So, this Thursday, May 30th, I'm going to do a 4-day walk of about 64 miles all together, from my home in Simpsonville to Chimney Rock State Park. I was going to try a 21-mile a day walk for 3 days, but decided it was a bit much. In order to save money, but still keep it as realistic as possible, I'll the first two nights on the trail, so to speak. Thursday my wife will follow me to the Hertz airport garage in GSP, so I can leave my car there. I'll then ... read more

North America » United States » South Carolina » Simpsonville September 29th 2018

We were awake by 6am and ready to go. Sean had to leave for work by 7am and Alina was going with us to try again to get out of Ramstein. When we arrived, we saw our old C5 flight, plus the one that had been rescheduled 4 or 5 days, and a C17 to McGuire through Canada. The McGuire flight only showed 14 seats, tentative, so we weren't holding our breaths. As the morning went by, the rescheduled both the C5 flights and the C17 still showed 14 seats, so a number of folks left for greener pastures, including most of the folks that had been ticketed for our cancelled C5 from yesterday. The three of us, Alina, my wife, and I, decided to stick it out and see if we might possibly make the ... read more
Gander Intl Airport, Canada
Our Rental Car Crew; Connie, Jim, Me, Manoli & Billy Ray

Well, my second day "on the trail" started out just fine. I woke up around 6:30am, having slept most of the night (minus one bout of leg cramps), feeling... okay. After my morning ablutions, I walked up to the Park Office to see what time they opened. I found out they opened at 9am, so I figured I could get everything packed up and ready to go about then, so I could have a honey bun and a fresh cup of real coffee, versus the instant I'd been making. I took down and stored my tent, air bed, sleep sack, then repacked my backpack. After yesterday, I'd already pretty much decided not to do the third day, since it was the longest, and had almost no place to stop along the way. I hoisted my backpack, ... read more
Neat Stream Crossing
Oconee Stations' Palmetto Trail Sign

Those of you who follow my blog know that I hiked the Camino d's Santiago last fall... all 800 plus kilometers of it. Well, I still seem to have hiking on my mind. I've been considering hiking the Palmetto Trail across South Carolina , about 380 miles or so. The distance doesn't bother me, but I'm not sure if I want to do the camping that comes with it, so, I am doing a 3-day, 2-night trial hike, starting tomorrow. I'll be walking from downtown Walhalla to Oconee State Park, mostly along a small road.. I'll be taking some photos and hope to post a blog tomorrow night. Wish me luck.... read more

This initial entry is just to set the groundwork for the trip coming up... soon.  I know I'm a bit later than usual in taking our (my) annual vacation, but after moving from Pensacola to Simpsonville, South Carolina, and all the quasi-renovations plus yardwork (leaf and tree removal), and getting some dental work done, this is about as earlier as I could manage.  Now, for what really makes this "vacation" different than our usual is: 1) I am going alone... for the most part. Manoli will fly to Rota to spend time with her family in Chipiona and wait for me to arrive, so we can return together. 2) I am flying out on a military Space-available flight to Rota, Spain 3) I am going to walk the Camino de Santiago. Yes, the one from ... read more

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