Beach, Lobsters, and Winning at Foxwoods

Published: June 16th 2019
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Everyone woke up late and had the breakfast buffet again for the 4thstraight day. By this time, we had found our own corner table where we all fit and the kids can sit on the wall together. As was with almost all of the trip, there was great weather, so we decided to go to Narraganset and Salty Brine beach. The sand was white and the kids could watch the Block Island Ferry and fishing boats come and go. Steve, Tory, Nathan, and Rosie also had fun climbing on the rocks and took a walk down to climb the ladder at the lifeguard station neat the Galilee beach club. Everyone ate some tasty clam chowder at Geroge’s of Galilee and then went back to the room for late naps for Rosie and Vivian. Nathan swam with Steve and Nana during naptime at the indoor hotel pool, and Tory got to catch up on a good nap with all the musical beds the kids played nightly in our room. Musical beds meant that Rosie waking up wanting to switch sleeping arrangements in Tory and Steve's bed, or Rosie going back and forth into the crib that she wanted.

At night we went to Finn’s Harborside for lobster dinner as a family. We sat facing the harbor window so the kids could see the boats coming and going. The lobsters had the kids interested when the waiter took them out to our table on their plates, but Rosie and Nathan got scared when they saw that the claws were still put together like a real lobster. Steve showed Rosie one of his lobsters as she was standing in the corner next to the table, and when he asked if she wanted to come over to the table she said, “I can’t, there are too many crabs!” (Crabs and lobsters are interchangeable, both have claws and pinch.) During dinner there was a typical 30-45 minute Rhode Island rainstorm, after it stopped we could head back to our room while Nathan keeping his souvenir lobster bib and frisbees.

That night, Steve and Tory went out with Matt and Jenn to Foxwood Casino and Hard Rock Café in Connecticut. Matt picked them up at the hotel in his new car a Chevy Malibu and drove everyone to Connecticut as we talked about his job at CVS in the IT department and Jenn and Tory talked Lawyer gibberish. We watched Matt and Jenn’s friends band play some acoustic for 2 hours at Hard Rock, then walked out to the casino to watch the end of the Warriors Victory in the NBA Western Conference Finals sweep of Portland. Steve won $100 at blackjack and Jenn got free drinks at the slots as they all had fun joking around and doing something else instead of raising kids and changing diapers for a change. On the drive home Matt helped us stop at a CVS 24-hour to use his employee discount and bought some needed diapers and really late night munchies (2am.)


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