Brown visit again and Last Italian Dinner

Published: June 16th 2019
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We had the hotel breakfast buffet again and then left Vivian with Nana and Grandpa at the hotel since they wanted to do some laundry. It worked out great because Steve and Tory could goto Brown again and take Nathan and Rosie. They first went to Brown St. Park and met up with Steve’s old football friend, Jarrod Lynn, and 2 of his boys that were age 2 and 4. Jarrod stayed at Brown after graduating and has been running AIA, Athletes In Action, the Christian Ministry for the Sports at Brown University for around 15 years. Next, everyone went over to the Atheltic Complex and Jarrod's 4-year old Wesley and Nathan had a blast running circles around the big green area. Jarrod with familiar with the sports complex, so he helped show us the new aquatic center, and then the football RB coach let us tour the new football offices and see the brand new 120 seat theater for players to watch game film. We were also given a “History of Brown Football” book and had good luck by running into Brown’s newest Head Coach, James Perry, class of 2000 and one of the best QB in Ivy League history.

Driving back from Brown everyone had McDonald's for lunch back at the hotel while Nathan had a good time goofing around with the elevator buttons with his Daddy’s encouraging bad influence. Rosie was ready for her nap and Steve and Tory also really needed one after the previous late night out, so they stayed in the hotel and slept. Nana and Grandpa were a big help again and took Nathan to Ann’s house to play with Antonia, Emma, and Christian. Nathan and Antonia played extremely well together. Dinner plans were at Luigi’s Italian in Johnston. Everyone but Uncle Dave made it: Ann, Dave and Gina and Emma, Jenn and Matt and Christian and Antonia, and the Hervey family. It was hectic but a delicious dinner that took around 2 ½ hours. We were able to have fun outside as Tory played with all the kids and took a big group picture. Everyone said goodbyes and we went back to the hotel room after a late night to bathe the kids and get to sleep.


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