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So I have this crazy friend... her name is Marry. She is almost always my partner in crime for any given situation that may be deemed a bit, well, crazy. I received a message from her yesterday out of the blue that went something like this, Marry- "Hi. Ok. I apparently get there at 11am" Me- "WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" Marry- "Am I too late?" Me- "NO I MEAN OMG YOU'RE COMING TO SPAIN??!?!" Marry- "Haha I'm finishing booking my ticket now." ...And so my friend Marry will be meeting me in Barcelona on the 20th and staying with me until the 28th. We had talked about her coming and hangingout with me for a week, but then decided it wouldn't work out for her. Thus, I had began mentally preparing my solo journey. I am not the least ... read more
Oh just hanging out in front of Big Ben
What friends are for

The Camino de Santiago I wasn't going to do this; That is, talk about the history of the Camino and all the little details. However, my family, or rather really just my mother, seems to need some sort of peace of mind and I am hoping that by presenting the Camino as the well established journey that it is, might help. **If interested, see previous blog to find out why I am wakling the Camino... There are many caminos, long distance pathways/walks, all over the world. But none have quite reached the popularity level as the Camino de Santiago, also known as The Way of Saint James. The Camino involves a pilgrimage route leading to the Cathedral at Santiago de Compostela which is where the supposed remains of St James the apostle are burried. The Camino ... read more
Map of the Frances Route
All of my Crap

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I'm Leaving my Husband ...On an Eight Week Hiatus! So I've gone and done it. I've set off a chain of events that end with me finally walking the Camino de Santiago. I've been granted nine weeks leave from my current job after requesting off to go volunteer in Guatemala. It was to be a graduation present to myself and in all honesty I thought that they would just ask me to put in my two weeks and resign. However, they were more than happy to give me the time off and so I decided that I would stay at my current job through the summer and sometime in September start to look for jobs within my particular field of study. Some how or another, I have come full circle and am now off to a ... read more

North America » United States » Pennsylvania » Honey Brook November 28th 2011

The Believer is happy, the doubter is wise -Greek Proverb Some things cannot be rushed, and sometimes BETTER things will come to those who are willing to wait a little bit for what they want. With this being said, Lee and I have made some decisions, or rather we have decided not to make any decisions at all. Well that doesn't really make any sense does it? I guess the conclusion that we have come to in the past month is that we are not sure if we both are at a point in our lives where we can say that in a years time we will make the huge jump to take a year off and go galivant around the globe. A lot of unknowns surround our lives currently and so we have decided that ... read more
Lee and Bill
Bills annoying sleeping habits

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