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June 21st 2015
Published: June 22nd 2015
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Started an hour later than our targeted time, but that's pretty typical for us. After stopping in Lacey to pick up a zero gravity camp chair for Mike, we finally arrived at my Uncle Elden and Aunt Margie's in Vancouver. I didn't realize how much longer it would take to get there when you're towing 5 tons of house behind you.

Another lesson was learned in what not to do and one way to get out of the corner you've painted yourself into. We turned the corner onto their street and found a nice stretch of curbstone opposite their house to park the rig without blocking any driveways. The owner of the house was out watering his lawn and we asked if he minded if we parked there for a couple hours. He obviously didn't want us parking there, but said it would be okay as long as it was only for a short time. Aunt Margie suggested we go ahead and move the rig to their side of the street before we sat down to visit, so the boys set to work. My aunt and uncle live at the beginning of a dead-end street; well, kind of a cross between a dead-end and a cul-de-sac. You can see where this is going. They got to the end of the street and discovered they couldn't get the thing turned completely around. My uncle decided it would be best if Mike backed the rig all the way back up to the corner just past their house, back it around the corner and back it back down the street to their house. It must have taken them at least half an hour to get the thing re-parked! But Mike has lots more backing experience now.

Our visit was a lovely one, catching up on the happenings of the family. There was one very low point in all the updating. They each did one of those DNA tests where you can find out your genetic heritage. My uncle's test showed there were no Native American markers, dispelling the long-standing family rumor of descending from Pocahontas. Sorry to break the news guys. I know, it's a sad day for us all.

Visiting continued into the dinner hour. Free food is always a good thing and they fed us well. At 8:30 we said our goodbyes and headed down the road to our first of many overnight accommodations.


23rd June 2015

Thank you!
Thanks for the great comments about your days!! I almost feel like I'm traveling with you! Plus I'll be able to keep up with you while both of us are away. Very nice. Have a wonderful trip with hopefully no major malfunctions!!
23rd June 2015

I will have to research...when I did my DNA a few years ago, they weren't able to discern NA DNA, as of yet. Maybe you can now. hmmmm

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