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North America » United States » Oregon » North Bend July 19th 2014

Geo: 43.4067, -124.223On Friday we woke about 9am having had a great sleep to ward off the jet lag. Peter had contacted Car hire firms but with the Championships on there were few cars to be had. However, we were promised one at 2-30pm with a good deal so agreed to that.During the morning, Peter drove us around Eugene showing us the various tracks and athletics venues. He took us up to Henderson Park and we saw the rock against which Steve Prefontaine crashed his car in 1975. He was a local boy who ran distance and was 4th in the 1972 Olympics in the 10,000 and held every American record from 2,000metre to 10,000. He was a James Dean kind of character and his death was a great shock to all. He is a legend ... read more
Sunset Bay
Chinese garden in Shore Acres
In the Rose garden at Shore Acres

North America » United States » Oregon » North Bend June 5th 2013

$300 later and fingers crossed, I think we have a fixed bike. Bodged anyway with a bit of welding. The rear wheel drive gearbox had stripped a spline, ideally requiring a new assembly, but that was too expensive with a long wait to get the part. After a short debate, it was agreed that they would take the rear wheel out, take the shaft assembly out and disassemble the gearbox and weld a sleeve onto the spline. They tested it and it seems good - but time will tell. So we leave North Bend tomorrow bound for the big Redwoods. I quite enjoyed the pampering of hot showers, use of hairdryers, coffee machines, internet etc etc., not to mention a bit of shopping (more glasses!), but have missed being out there on the bikes, the best ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » North Bend June 4th 2013

After spending the morning in the library, we set off in the sunshine towards Mitchell on route 26. It has become obvious to us that Oregon was designed purely to ride motorcycles, they are the best roads yet and we did the best days riding you could possibly ever hope to do. We took a detour of around 30 odd miles and found a lovely campsite by the John Day River, again right by the river, it really doesn't get much better. Out for a meal a walk away. Its generally excepted not to travel after dusk, a lot of the land is 'open range' and the animals tend to wander more in the early morning and at dusk, and obviously they are difficult to see. There are also young ones around now, we had to ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » North Bend October 13th 2011

Getting Into the RV Club After living in the RV for two weeks, my niece Ivy started to get her RV legs. She didn't mind the RV rocking a little bit when people shift in bed or sit down and she learned to walk with bent knees so that you don't shift the RV so much. She'd been watching us set up the RV and taking lots of pictures of us doing it, so it was time to have her help out. To fully become a member of the RV club, Ivy had to perform the ritual of connecting the RV to the sewer system. You might think it is easy to connect a couple of pipes, but it is rather disgusting and surprisingly confusing with common misconnections and the ever-present danger of a disasterous ... read more
Ready for Anything
Opening the Valve
Finding the Gasket

North America » United States » Oregon » North Bend August 28th 2011

Jumping into and Riding the Rogue: While I was working like a dog in the RV, Grace and Ivy were out wine tasting and finding watering holes. Ivy took some good pictures of people jumping off Rocky Point into the chilly Rogue River. She kept clicking through the pictures and thought that it looked like a lot of fun to jump off a rock and make a big splash. Ivy surprised me when she asked to go there so she could jump off Rocky point. She asked if I would join her and I told her any good Uncle would be glad to do it. We showed up the next day and she asked me to jump first. I jumped in with a good yell and then jumped out just as fast since the water was ... read more
Fishin on the Rogue
DEvil and Angel by the Fire
Grace in Jacksonville

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