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North America » United States » Oregon » Madras September 17th 2018

Oregon 2018. Madras What a day? One of the best. It was a cool start at not much above zero at 8am so leg warmers and full gloves. Not long after leaving town we saw a lovely group of deer by the side of the road, looking like they were heading for the farm sale down the lane. The route delighted us all day with its continually changing scenery and wildlife delights. It started off with a lightly wooded area with good houses in the clearings. Looking back we had a great view of the three sisters with a little cloud around the Peaks and streaks of cloud leading towards it. Then we experienced arable farms with most fields having irrigation devices keeping the crops green. Again we had several novelty post boxes of tractors and ... read more
The Sisters

North America » United States » Oregon » Madras August 14th 2014

They never tell you how much reflection time you’ll get when you’re done with school. They never tell you how lonely and boring it is to be done with school, to not have to be somewhere at every second of the day, constantly going to class, doing homework, having social hour, working out, trying new things. They never say how depressingly lonely and real the “real” world is. Well, fortunately for me, with boredom and loneliness comes wonderful new ideas and inspiration. It was one such evening in the dark and rain at somewhere around 7pm I had this harebrained idea – to ride my bike across the wonderful country of America. Now the reason this appealed to me was that 1. I haven’t really experienced or seen my own country 2. I’m not totally sure ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Madras June 21st 2011

Figuring out if I want to use Travelblog for our upcoming trip. I guess I tried using it for our Death Valley Dreams trip in 2007 but got lazy. This time might be the charm!... read more

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