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April 16th 2010
Published: April 17th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

We made it from Provo Utah to La Grande, OR. It took 11 hours to get here with a half hour break for lunch and couple of potty slash dog walking slash gas breaks. We are sitting at Eagles Hot Lake RV park in La Grande. The wind is TOTALLY crazy outside. We have a beautiful view of the mountains, oh, and the marsh across the street that provides an abundance of musquitoes in their first round of production for the year. Not very obvious out there right now with the wind blowing most of them into the next state, but the office was full of them. With as many insect bites as Bob and I have, we were in a bit of a self conscious, paranoid, get-me-outta-here-and-away-from-these-bloodthirsty-insects mode, so we paid, and fleed for our lives. The "Hot Lake" is the largest Artesan mineral hot springs in north America (and supplier of 90% of the local musquito population no doubt). We got here and started the abreviated set up (water/power), and Bob scared out a critter, we are not sure what at this point - a field mouse? too big. a rat? too small. not a ground squirrel? no, not cute. So, we don't know what it was, but Lucy is very aware of it and has parked herself by the hole that she saw it go down next to the trailer. It's time here is soon to be ended, hopefully mercifully. We're really hoping that this thing isn't some kind of camp mascot. You know one that makes the rounds to all the campers to get his daily treats? No. I don't think so. Anyway, critter, death, insects, and gale force winds aside, we are snuggled in for the night and plan to leave first thing in the morning. We're heading for Spokane. Bob wants to go look at a couple of small mobile homes that we are considering putting on the property if it can be done simply enough. Then we head for curlew. That is, of course, if we don't blow away tonight. We'll let you know.....


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