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September 28th 2017
Published: October 1st 2017
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blog 09-28-17 Bend/Sundance, OR to Diamond Lake, OR

The campground in Bend (27 miles south) was terrific and we were both sorry we were only staying one night. But it is definately on the list for the next visit, and yes there will be another visit. I want to stay in this area for at least 2 weeks the next time I come, lots to see and do.

Heading south on 97 we found a grocery store that had most everything we needed and after shopping we continued on. Rt 138 took us west for longer than I thought but the scenery was gorgeous. Tall pine trees all along the road that I was begging for a break from to snap a picture of this mountain that was just to our right. I was so busy looking for a picture I missed the sign for our campground and we ended up a little confused for a short time. We got back on track quickly and found our campground and were escorted to our spot which was just perfect. It was a pull through so we didn't have to unhook the car before backing into a spot, just pull in and unhook at our leisure. We set up the dog fence and let the critters out to explore their new territory which they did with great enthusium, Linus saw a chipmonk right away and the drama was on.

Ginnie and I had lunch then headed for Crater Lake which was supposed to be just down the road. It really was and we were there in no time. They have the west crest road closed so we took the east road and after playing in the snow, yes snow along the road, we headed for the top. I just can't skip over playing in the snow. We pulled off the road and Ginnie jumped out in her flip-flops and jumped into the snow. Giggles and stomping followed til one flip-flop got stuck and now it was bare foot in the snow. Every once in a while the kid comes out.

Our first view of the crater was a very dramatic view and we both stood there and said "oh WoW". We took pictures and I talked with a biker who lives in Bend and just came down for an afternoon ride. The day was perfect. Warm and sunny, no wind, just bugs, actually butterflies. They are small orange and black butterflies and driving here they kept hitting the windshield mostly on the drivers side rendering it almost impossible to see. Ginnie really likes a clean windshield and the bugs really drove her crazy.

We drove around the east side and stopped at several view points until we realized we were just here to find the Ridge Lodge because tomorrow we have reservations for a narrated tour at noon. We have to be there at 11:30 and we didn't know how much time to allow to travel. We never did find it, but somebody told us it was another 10 miles down the road. The problem is having the west rim road closed, it is just a few miles from the north entrance where we came in but we had to go all the way around the whole crater to get to the Lodge. So we are leaving 1 1/2 hrs for the journey tomorrow.

The views were awsome but seeing the crater this late in the day left a lot of shadows in some places and spactacular lighting in others. We don't know all about the crater yet either so we will find that out tomorrow on the tour.

We headed back and found we were only gone 2 1/4 hrs so that wasn't bad for the dogs. They romped in the yard after dinner and we had happy hour in the last rays of sunlight. A couple walked by from CA and we started talking and Jim asked if we were going to clean the bugs on the front of our motorhome because this park lets you clean the front only. We said yes but we just didn't get to it yet and he said he had a dandy soft brush that works wonders on the bugs. He left and came back with the brush and squigy, we provided the bucket of soapy water and he proceeded to clean the front of the motorhome within an inch of it's life. Ginnie was thrilled! The windshield sparkeled and the front is white again, not a dingy yellow, gray. He said somebody did him a big favor and he was paying it forward so we will do the same.

We cooked pork chops, mashed potatoes, apple sauce and broccoli/couliflower for dinner and crashed, it was almost 8 pm.

Hope the weather holds for our trip around the crater tomorrow, at least we got some sun shots today.

Ginnie's thoughts: The snow was good just so we don't have to drive in it. The roads still scare her to death especially around the Crater, no guard rail, narrow 2 lane road and sharp curves. Beautiful scenery.

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