Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Published: September 29th 2009
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Oregon TrailOregon TrailOregon Trail

One of the outside displays at Baker City
After leaving Crater's of the Moon we followed the Snake River to Baker City , Oregon. Here there is an Interpretive Center for the Oregon Trail. The display is enormous with mounts of real oxen teams pulling wagons and horses and riders.
It is so lifelike that we came away feeling like we had seen the real thing and had a SMALL glimpse of the hardships these folks went through. But unlike those pioneers when we got back to the campground Ron flew his RC glider in a mowed hay field and we made ice cream in a bag which worked just like it was supposed to and was pretty tasty.

An aside - the folks here in Oregon are some of the most considerate drivers we have ever seen. If you only look like you might want to walk across a street, they stop and let you cross even in the middle of the street. This is one of the only states left where it is a state law that you can’t fill you own tank. Takes us back to the 60's when an attendant cleaned the windows while you sat in the car, if only the gas
Deschutze RiverDeschutze RiverDeschutze River

Our campsite is in the green trees on the right. this river feeds into the Columbia. They were catching huge salmon here
prices were the same. Right now we're paying $2.80+ for gas, but still better than last year when it was in the $4 range.

On the 25th we started following the Columbia River with the state of Washington in view on the other side. As we got into the Gorge area the landscape changed dramatically. We had been traveling for quite some time in high desert were everything looked baked and parched, now it started to look green and lush. Moss, ferns, trees - all shades of green. The salmon are running right now and we saw folks catching huge ones right from shore. We toured a sturgeon fish hatchery and went through a gift shop where Ron won the door prize worth about $35!! Then we bought a freshly caught steel head from a native American Indian and grilled it back at camp. Made us feel just like Lewis and Clark.

This area is full of high mountain waterfalls, 77 on the Oregon side of the gorge, and we've hiked to some of them. Many of them are accessed along Historic Route #30 which was built in 1910. The road is very
Mt. HoodMt. HoodMt. Hood

Our first glimpse of Mt. Hood from the highway
narrow and has sharp switchbacks - makes for an interesting ride when some of the enormous bus style motor homes come around the corner

Additional photos below
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Latourell FallsLatourell Falls
Latourell Falls

This is a 2 level falls. That's me walking behind the upper section.

29th September 2009

Waterfall!! Love them!! jealous i wanna be there!!
29th September 2009

Jim wishes he was there
I wish I was there. Looks beautiful. We've been watching Ken Burns' Natl. Parks on PBS. I would love to take a road trip west someday.
29th September 2009

Awesome waterfalls! They are so HUGE!!! Very cool!
29th September 2009

where in the world is tam&ron
I wish Ed would travel but he is getting real comfortable sitting keep the pictures coming maybe it will give him incentive .
29th September 2009

Great views...good job on the door prize! What a trip!
29th September 2009

Hi Tammy and Ron, It is great to read these cause we get a sense of what you are doing, and also knowing that you guys are ok is very good to know. I just told Gary that reading about your journey makes me want to do it, but he'd have to find a drug that put me out for most of the driving part, I am such a weinnie when it comes to long car trips. Your blog is great Tammy..good job and what a memory it will be for you when you are 90 or so and can't remember that you even went. Be safe.
29th September 2009

Looks like fun
Your comment about the cars stopping to let you across the street mad me laugh. The entire state of WA does that too. When I first got here I kept accidentally stopping traffic when I stood too close to the edge of the road. Love it actually. Wish ever state was so patient.
30th September 2009

Hi it was good to hear from u. have fun stay safe. alls well hear.I may go to Brighton to see the wild life. cu jack (If u dont get this let me know) ;)

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