columbia river gorge to the pacific

Published: October 5th 2009
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Columbia river GorgeColumbia river GorgeColumbia river Gorge

Rainy weather, low clouds, or high mountains?
Starting Sept. 29 we had several days of rainy weather and cooler temps. I started piecing a quilt on my sewing machine and Ron fixed the camper windows again. This time the windows work but the turn signal doesn't and neither does one brake light. I'm sure there is a repair shop in our future.

We also moved across the Columbia River into Washington to a campground up the side of a mountain. Down by the river there is the constant sound of the trains and the highway, up in the mountain all of that disappears. Timberlake Campground in Home Valley is a lovely place if you are traveling through this area.

We picked up our mail in Hood River, a very pretty town, with steep streets and way too many bicycle shops. There aren't many out of shape people in this town, only the tourists from Michigan! We sat at a street coffee shop enjoying the sunshine, talking to Gert on the phone and watching the folks go by. I overheard one woman say to her friends 'I can’t believe we're sitting here drinking coffee in this place' and we felt the same
Cape DisappointmentCape DisappointmentCape Disappointment

The white lighthouse right near the beach by our campsite

On October 3rd we arrived at the Pacific Ocean!! We are at Cape Disappointment State Park. This is the same place from which Lewis and Clark and the Expedition of Discovery first saw the ocean. We stood on the same beach this morning. Lewis or maybe it was Clark wrote "Mission accomplished" in his journal, and it really was.

We watched some guys crabbing for Dungeness crabs from a nearby jetty and being pretty successful. A couple of seals swam by, and no Kris, I didn't get a picture.

Our campsite is home to at least four of the cutest raccoons, who are way too friendly and looking for handouts. Dave enjoys watching them though. They are much grayer in color then our Michigan raccoons. There are 2 lighthouses here to mark the treacherous mouth of the Columbia River.
Great weather again sunshine and in the 60's.

Additional photos below
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Cape DisappointmentCape Disappointment
Cape Disappointment

the second light house in the distance - this one is striped black and white. This is the beach where Lewis or Clark said Mission Accomplished!
Dave's friendsDave's friends
Dave's friends

2 of the four - so cute until they started snarling over food.
First time for this signFirst time for this sign
First time for this sign

I've always wanted to be part of a natural disaster - maybe this is my chance.

5th October 2009

Those raccoons are way too cute. Do you think you could bring them home?
5th October 2009

Hi Tammy and Ron, Good to hear you and the coons are doing well. i think of you guys often when I am watching the Wiggles, Nemo, and Barney for the millionth time cause it is too rainy to take Chloe out. Take care and watch out for Bears! and Snakes, and worms, and Indians, oh and the ghost of Lewis and Clark.
5th October 2009

Keep them coming
I love reading your blog every week. The pictures are great as well. What an adventure you three are on. Looks and sounds like a lot of fun!!! Can't wait to hear more about it in your next entry.
6th October 2009

Great Pictures!!
Love the commentary and the pictures!! Why do they call it Cape Disappointment? You would think it would be Cape Finally Made It! I went over the Columbia River and it was spectacular.
6th October 2009

This is really cool!
Your travel blogs are fun to read. Love the Natural Disaster picture.
7th October 2009

who named cape disappointment
Hi Lynn, Ron asked about the name. This area had been mapped and explorerd before Lewis and Clark got here by some guy who couldn't find the mouth of the Columbia and was Disappointed! HAH-HAH on him! Seeing Mark this weekend. Good times.,

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