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27th May 2015

You make me feel as though I was on this trip! How wonerful and amazing is Mother Earth. Thank you for sharing.
26th May 2015

Loved this and all three pictures. So neat you got so close to those whales that you could see inside their mouths. What a neat adventure!! Can't wait for the next blog and more pictures
26th May 2015

Be sure to scroll down past the ades to see more pictures.
24th May 2015

Wow, what an amazing experience!! Can't wait to see & hear the rest of the story!
2nd June 2014

Puffins are my favorites and you have captured some fantastic photos. Just grand!
1st June 2014

Nice Trip
Wow, I didn't know you got to see Puffins REALLY up close and personal!! Sigh. I'd love that. I'm glad you have a puffin named Jack. He'd get a kick out of that. You need to take him on all your travels!
1st June 2014

Thanks for the tour! We lived in Bangor Maine for 3 years and loved it. Went on a tour to Maine and Mass. Last year but didn't see anything like yours! Wonderful!
1st June 2014

Thanks again for sharing your fun and educational trips with me. I really enjoy them.
4th April 2014

Beautiful adventure
Thank you so much for sharing such interesting places we will never see, these were so well described too. I don't know what pseudo morph is and why you would collect it.
1st April 2014

Cool cliff dwellings! Are they near Sedona? I want so badly to go out there...maybe I need to buy a lottery ticket.
2nd April 2014

Walnut canyon is by flagstaff .there are lots by sedona too
31st March 2014

Thank you both very much and welcome home. TD-AMNWD
31st March 2014

Such great adventures!
1st March 2014

This is a real travelogue!
Your descriptions and details plus pictures you could write travelogues. I would never have known about these places. Thanks! Is the kitty the bobcat or your pet? It looks like a wild thing. See you soon, Jo an
2nd March 2014

That is Dave or uncle Dave since he was named for Ron's uncle. He is more scardey cat than fierce
1st March 2014

Tam, What were you eating?
"cup of corn with mayo, sour cream, cheese and other stuff -sold all over the flea market"? Was this good? OR were you offering us some from the cup (as in the photo) before you finished the meal? Enjoy your stay in Arizona. How far west you traveling this year? P
4th March 2014

It was good , but 3 spoonfuls would have been plenty. It just seemed like a strange snack.
10th February 2014

How beautiful, I did not think of Texas like that. The Australian camper was a hoot. Imagine bringing it all that way.
3rd February 2014

Thanks for continuing the beers in a bar tradition. I\'ve played a version of the washer game. Exactly whose pants slipped down during the game? Also, I\'m sure you watched the Super Bowl! Ann-Tim ps-great pictures
31st January 2014

Freezing sub zero from Michigan
WOW - you are really seeing some neat sites. You will have to be our travel director for winter when Lee retires -- 2015 or maybe before. He can leave anytime after June, 2014 under the 85 rule. I am so glad you are able to travel and enjoy life soooo much.
31st January 2014

Wings and Washers
Tam/Ron, You didn't say how your evening at the Texas Honky Tonk turned out. How did you guys do in the washer toss contest? You can tell us. PaulK
31st January 2014

We watched and tried to pick up the fine points. Especially important is to only let your pants slip part way down your butt when you pick up the washers.
31st January 2014

Love 'em.
I love your blogs and the way you travel. How wonderful. I really thought the Australian camper was neat. Your blocks are great--can't wait to see them in a quilt. Keep enjoying. Ellen
30th January 2014

Great pictures;great everything but the cold weather!
6th January 2014

Perserverance and long johns
Hang in there...A couple more nights of cold and then it's back to banana-belt weather. Have you tried the Gator soup? Longfellow reported it was what kept Evangeline so focused. Stay warm kids.

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