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November 13th 2015
Published: January 2nd 2016
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Go To Your Safe Place!!!Go To Your Safe Place!!!Go To Your Safe Place!!!

Tornado Warning from local weather reporters
Located in middle America between perhaps the two better-known states of Texas and Kansas is Oklahoma. Unless you’re a American and paid some attention during history class, you most likely don’t know a lot about this part of America. The name is derived from the native Choctaw Indians words “okla” and “humma,” meaning “red people.” The territory gained statehood in 1908 and the rest as they say is history.

Oklahoma is one of the Great Plains states. It lies in an area meteorologically called “tornado alley.” Oklahoma is a state full of eager storm chasers. We must admit we love thunder and lightening so living here has been exciting. We’d never want anyone to be harmed by these storms but since Oklahoma is prime for these storms due to the colliding of cold air from Canada, the hot air from Mexico and the moist air from the Gulf of Mexico. On average—62 tornadoes strike each year, which is one of the highest rates in the world. It’s not that big of a state, so considering that the storm season is really April and May for the most part, that’s a lot of severe storms.

Devon Tower -OKCDevon Tower -OKCDevon Tower -OKC

Vast Restaurant located 48th floor
weather forecasters go absolutely mad and the television coverage is intense on those days in the spring when the weather fronts collide and the storms begin. All the local stations deploy dozens of remote reporters who chase these storms. “Go to your safe place!” they repeatedly say when they spot a funnel cloud. One local TV station gave away a storm shelter a day for the whole month of May. Seems the lucky winner (is this a prize people really want to win?) gets to have a company come out to their property and dig a big hole and then place a metal shelter in the ground, so families can escape the winds of these terrifically powered storms.

It is windy quite a bit in the state, mostly due to it being fairly flat without dense forrestation. It was a rare day when the winds were not above 10 mph.The dirt is red and gets blown about and there is also a fair amount of oil to be harvested from the ground. Oklahoma also has mild earthquakes occasionally.

You’ll need a couple of days to explore the quaint downtown neighborhoods of Bricktown, Midtown, Uptown 23, Western Avenue and you’ll want to take in a minor league baseball game. We found ourselves on occasion in the Bricktown area enjoying dinner and a few beer tastings. There are a couple of brewpubs with a wide selection of beers that you may want to visit. Our favorite is theTapWerks Ale House.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, where’s the beef ?...... our answer would be Oklahoma.

We are not vegetarians. We believe everything in moderation. We’ve always liked beef but honestly before Dave lived in Oklahoma City we would have told you that we liked a good steak, but a steak is a steak. They are tasty but generally we would have told you that there is only so much you can do to a steak. We each have our favorite cuts, we personally like New York Strip, but many argue that they want a rib eye because the fat marbling gives it more flavor…..on and on.

But, after living in OKC, we would tell you that they do things with beef that we have not experienced before. We had a pricey steak at Mickey Mantle’s Steak house that was beyond words. He was a very famous baseball player and native son. When you eat their incredibly special filet you will look into space and wonder what they did to that cow. One would think it might have had daily massage and such. We still think of it and smile.

We found a place at the Stockyards where we went a couple of time for a steak and egg breakfast. Again, this was a better than average cut of meat.

One weekend we drove two hours northeast to the town of Hominy to eat in a cattle car turned into a restaurant. You can really get your beef on at Wild Country Meats. Carnivore heaven, this state.

We certainly don’t know but can imagine that many or most of people in the U.S. gave the state of Oklahoma very little thought until the bombing of Alfred P. Murrah federal building in April of 1995 – unless you are a fan of musicals and can hear Rodgers and Hammerstein’s famous “Oklahoma” in your head.

Sadly in the U.S. we have more than our share of whacky deranged individuals who blow things up
Oklahoma City MemorialOklahoma City MemorialOklahoma City Memorial

9:01am to 9:03am
for some misguided reason. Never can any sane person understand why these things happen. No one will be able to explain to me why these savage incidents continue to happen our country. In this particular case Timothy McVeigh had desired to inspire a revolt against a tyrannical federal government. We believe the only thing he was able to accomplish before he was executed was to kill 168 innocent people and injure another 600. Senseless, meaningless killing happens all too often in our country.

If you travel to Oklahoma City, make an effort to stop at the Oklahoma City Memorial, as it is a stunning and lovely tribute to those who died in this tragic event. You will find chairs on a slopping hill that represent each of the people who were killed in the office building. Their name is on their chairs and it depicts which floor and location they were seated at during the bombing. There is a reflection pond standing between two walls of tribute. This memorial is incredibly well done. The emotion it provokes when you stand in breathless silence is likely the feelings being sought after. If you have time, please come back
Stunning MemorialStunning MemorialStunning Memorial

2 minutes that changed a country
and see it again at night, as it is an even more moving experience.

America is a strong country. We often pull together and become stronger after these events and sadly they come all too often. This memorial is one of our finest and worth a trip through the middle of our country.

Another chapter has closed for us. We don’t know what comes next but we are glad to have experienced the nice people of Oklahoma.

Restaurants we can recommend-- please don't think we ate our way through Oklahoma City 😊

Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse

Metro Wine Bar & Bistro

Cattlemen's Steakhouse

Red PrimeSteak

Wild Country Meats (Hominy, OK)

TapWerks Ale House

BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse

Additional photos below
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Let's put the feedbag onLet's put the feedbag on
Let's put the feedbag on

You won't walk away hungary
Warren SpahnWarren Spahn
Warren Spahn

The great left hander is beloved in Oklahoma
Ballpark CuisineBallpark Cuisine
Ballpark Cuisine

Holy cow, our taste buds were dancing.
Oklahoma City DodgersOklahoma City Dodgers
Oklahoma City Dodgers

Jody...this one is for you.
Batter UpBatter Up
Batter Up

Oklahoma City Dodgers minor league
Talles Building in OKCTalles Building in OKC
Talles Building in OKC

844 feet-- Devon Energy Center
The road to Hominy, OklahomaThe road to Hominy, Oklahoma
The road to Hominy, Oklahoma

We drove 2 hours for dinner
Wild Country Meats is UniqueWild Country Meats is Unique
Wild Country Meats is Unique

Restaurant in a Cattle Car
Cattle Car DiningCattle Car Dining
Cattle Car Dining

At its finest
How can one pick?How can one pick?
How can one pick?

Buffalo or Elk?
Oklahoma DiningOklahoma Dining
Oklahoma Dining

Nothing pretentious
Tasting at TapWerksTasting at TapWerks
Tasting at TapWerks

A village of Stouts
TapWerks Brew PubTapWerks Brew Pub
TapWerks Brew Pub

Great beers & a fantastic jalapeno burger
Remembered LivesRemembered Lives
Remembered Lives

April 19,1995

2nd January 2016

Another chapter closes
When I think of why people live in Tornado Alley, I guess it's because it's there and life goes on regardless. Your sojourn in Oklahoma is over. Now for the State of sinkholes and the springboard to the Caribbean. Another chapter opens. May it be full of good reading...and frequent soaking in the blues.
2nd January 2016

Another chapter closes
Our pioneers headed west and not all of them made it to California. It is good beef raising country, tornadoes aside. As for sinkholes I've got the Dangerous one looking after me and the lure of blue green seas, the Blues and nearby Caribbean was just too much to say no.
2nd January 2016

It is my favourite musical and is the corn really as high as an elephants eye ?? Thanks for this interesting info about OKC .. I guess that if you are interested in people and places no matter what you will find some great things to write about. And always the food x
2nd January 2016

You are so right that if you are interested in people and places there is always something good to say. We were pleasantly surprised how much we enjoyed it there. Good people and good food. Thanks for following along.
4th January 2016

....and the wind...
Hi jolly travellers, Mouthwatering and scary all in the same pot! There's another song from the same era that tells us to 'accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative' - but we must also learn from the past and savour the present as you always manage to do! Another great blog and looking forward to the next one. Our best ever steak was shared with the couple who bought our motorhome from us in Wyoming back in 2007. He bred Aberdeen Angus on the ranch and his business was selling semen from the herd - taught me all I shall ever know about marbling!
4th January 2016

Hello David and Janice,
Glad to hear from you again and hope you are enjoying the new year. Marbling is key and in the western United States they take their beef very seriously and take it to new heights. Truly the best beef I've ever eaten was in Oklahoma. You are correct ---accentuate the positive. Happy Travels.
5th January 2016

I have never been....
....in Oklahoma but after reading your story I will put it on my list. Thanks for sharing.... And a happy new year to both of you.
5th January 2016

Never Been
Thanks for reading. Most Americans don't give much thought to the states in the middle. Good people, a simple life and unexpected pleasures. They are proud people and the memorial is extremely well done.
5th January 2016

Fun Read
Thanks for such a fun read about a state I have never visited. I have flown over Oklahoma many times, and it is doubtful that I will ever stop there, so it was fun to read about it. The food though, now that could sway my decision to simply fly over. You know how important good food is.
5th January 2016
Dave and Merry

Love this
Wow, what a great picture of you two. I love it.
5th January 2016
Dave and Merry

Thanks Brendan
It was a great date night.
5th January 2016
Dave and Merry

Love this
Pleasant surprises can be found just about any place. We'll take you on a road trip one day.
6th January 2016

Oklahoma bombing memorial, and Oklahoma City sights
I saw the memorial when I passed through near the end of my big cross-country trip. For some reason, I found it very minimalist and less impressive than many. I wish I had seen it at night, because the pictures look fantastic and much better than daylight. Did you have time for the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum? I found it one of the most impressive sights in the entire state.
6th January 2016

Oklahoma City
We did not go to the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum but will add it to our next road trip. Wish we'd had the time.
8th January 2016
Oklahoma City Memorial

See a tornado would be fascinating
I always find it interesting to read about places I know very little about. Sad that all I knew about Oklahoma before was the terrorist attack. Now I know a little more. To once in my life see a genuine tornado would be fascinating/Ake
8th January 2016
Oklahoma City Memorial

See a tornado
Storm chaser often capture the power of the tornado. They run toward the danger when the rest of us run away. The funnel clouds are amazing. Growing up in the mid-west I've seen small ones. My mother survived a very strong one in 1973 it was a catastrophic experience. Many around her were left dead.
12th January 2016

So you guys live in Sonoma.
That area was on our list last time in the States but alas ....... Looks like we now have to include the TapWerks as well seeing as I'm a fan of a solid stout or 2. Plenty of reasons to return to your neck of the woods. (As long as a particular "bad hair life" guy isn't in charge come November next year).
12th January 2016

We did live in Sonoma but no longer
We move around the country a lot because of our work and stay in each location for several months. We have a beachfront condo in Florida. Hope to meet when you come back to the States.

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