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North America » United States » Oklahoma » El Reno May 2nd 2015

Every once in a while….a travel blog is going to contain a tale of a unique event. Just a glimpse of a life really , more even a blink perhaps, but nonetheless just plain smiles and fun. In pursuit of something uniquely small town America, but really an example of that fine local flavor that you get to enjoy…by just looking around. We present to you the town of El Reno, Oklahoma…….a proud community and home to the world’s largest onion burger. Yes you read that correctly. We’d never heard of El Reno, Oklahoma but someone at worked mentioned to Dave that they were having their annual Burger Festival…..and being fans of local fests, we had to go check it out. El Reno is a town of 15,000 people about 40 miles west of Oklahoma City. ... read more
350 pound bun
Hit the Road
Mr. Burger

North America » United States » Oklahoma » El Reno May 9th 2013

Yesterday afternoon we carefully watched the northwest skies, hoping for a glimmer of what might be expected once the sun went down. As with the rest of Oklahoma, once the sun sets and cold and warm fronts collide, it's anyone's guess as to what to expect. There was lightening early on in the evening. It was somewhat difficult to see as our location was rather low in the canyon and the cliffs did serve to block some of the view. However, after dark, the northwest skies lit up! Had we been top-side, I am sure the show would have been spectacular. As it was, we had our nightly s'mores and headed in to bed. No movie -we were beet from the "strenuous" activities of the day. ... read more
Mother Goose with her Babies - Goslings
Cynde was Mesmerized by the Canola
Rigged Out Headin' Home

North America » United States » Oklahoma » El Reno May 8th 2013

Some places demand a return visit. Roman Nose State Park is one of those places. Although we visited in March, May provides an entirely new perspective and definitely new experiences! Rather than being bundled up to face the cold north chill, our attire is shorts and tees. After all, when you go paddling, you have to dress for the occasion! Our trip out from the City mandated a lunch stop at Eischen’s for chicken and okra. In case you have not been to Okarche in a while, the rumors on the internet are not true. Eischen's has not closed, as noted on Urban spoon. For $14 you can get a whole chicken, cut, breaded and deep fried. Throw in about two quarts of fried okra, and you are set for a walking coronary! The okra was ... read more
Settled in for the Night
It's a Long, Hard Trail
Water Sports

North America » United States » Oklahoma » El Reno April 27th 2013

DAY FIVE: April 26, 2013 I came to roost this evening at the Super 8 in El Reno, OK after a drive of 251.6 miles. El Reno is less than a hundred miles from Sayre. The Super 8 is a shoddy old run down joint, but it is what I found. Folks hereabouts are not big on motels or restaurants I guess. I had an old army pal who lived here his whole life. He died a few years back and I would like to pay my respects at his grave site, but did not arrive until all offices were closed for the weekend. I tried calling some relatives but had to leave messages at both numbers. It is why I hate goddam telephones. Dinner tonight was at a place called Montana Mike’s. It ... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » El Reno March 6th 2013

Well, we ended up liking Roman Nose State Park so well, we decided to stay another night. We started the day on Tuesday with yummy omelettes at the Lodge restuarant, then on to Watonga to see what we could find. Visited a wonderful antique store downtown Watonga called Country Home Antiques and had a great visit with the proprietor, Rhonda, and her kitty cat. Lots of unusual antiques and gift items. Make sure you go by if you are an antique buff and in the area. After hitting a couple of other stores and, ofcourse, stocking up on Watonga cheese ( including our favorite cheese curds- Kenny calls them cheese turds), we decided to check out the town of Canton. As we entered the first store, Kenny reminded me about OKC taking the water recently from ... read more
My Geese Friends
Enjoying the Campfire
K & C Enjoy the Campfire

North America » United States » Oklahoma » El Reno March 5th 2013

Here we are on the road again. This trip is somewhat of a "forced journey" The reason - Storm's all inclusive warranty (think of it as health insurance for a motor home) will expire on March 15th. This is cricital why???? With all the different systems on a coach, there is always something to act a little goofy, or just outright break-down! Thus our current trip! We left OKC yesterday afternoon and headed west. Our first stop, as on all western trips, was the Cherokee Trading Post just west of El Reno on I-40. Most of us Oklahomans typically pass on by these "touristy" stops, but this one is really fun to walk around. They have some very impressive Native American works, as well as some really lame wares that were made somewhere overseas. Our overnight ... read more
Love By the Light of the Fire
Really Gnarly Trees
Lake View

North America » United States » Oklahoma » El Reno July 11th 2012

At last a day off to rest up and catch up with things put aside. For the second time this year I find myself in El Reno 25 miles west of Oklahoma City working on one of the two Braums farms ( This time we are cutting 7300 acres of silage corn (maze). I have been here 2 1/2 weeks so far and we have about 18 circles to go. This trip has presented us with some scary moments. In the first week two of the drivers rolled their loaded trucks in relatively easy driving locations, another driver broke his truck axel after trying to get unstuck from sand (impossible once you are there), choppers have broken down, lightening storms overhead (not cool to be in a machine and hit by a bolt of lightening), and ... read more
Bird 1
Bird 4
Bird 5

North America » United States » Oklahoma » El Reno October 2nd 2011

Hi Again. You won't believe this..we are sniffing out every casino there is! The drive is boring through Oklahoma to Texas, as there is so much wide open space between pit stops. The traffic is incredibly great! 75 mph most of the way! We finally landed in Amarillo, Tx for the night. Great Hotel; the rate only $33.00/night. The Camelot Inn.. it even looks like a castle. Nice suites, so we are comfortable for the night with breakfast on the house in the AM. We are staying in separate rooms, so we can get along in the morning! Will head for Albuquerque tomorrow. Still paying about $3.29 a gallon for gas.... read more
Winning a Fortune

North America » United States » Oklahoma » El Reno October 1st 2011

Hi again! Leaving Branson, MO and heading for home in Palm Desert, Ca. Only got to El Reno, Oklahoma (a small suburb of Oklahoma City). Didn't get too far as Ginger and Pat saw a "Quilt and Material" store along the way. A few miles down the road a "Casino" was calling out to us. Didn't do to bad, but nothing big to brag about. In El Reno, we had the best Mexican Dinner ever. If your ever in El Reno, just ask the locals about it! GREAT! We decided to "crash" for the night and start out early and proceed to Amarillo, Texas. See you soon!... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » El Reno September 6th 2011

It's hard to believe our plane leaves in less than 8 hours.. The anticipation and planning is finally becoming reality and it seems so surreal. We fly out of Oklahoma City to Dallas/Ft. Worth where we then hop on the longest leg of our flight (14 hours) to Seoul, Korea. From there we have a short 4 hour flight to Hanoi. We are flying Korean Airlines which we loved the first time we went to Vietnam. Lay-overs included we'll be in Vietnam 24hrs after we leave OKC. Since we arrive in Vietnam at 10pm we've already booked our first night in a hotel close to Hanoi's French Quarter. It's been a month since we left Seattle and almost two months since Joel and I have been employed. Luckily we have amazing family who has taken such ... read more

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