Headed Home - Severe Weather Forecast Brings Quick End to Short Trip

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May 9th 2013
Published: May 9th 2013
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Beautiful Watonga LakeBeautiful Watonga LakeBeautiful Watonga Lake

Voted by HollowayHighway as an Oklahoma best kept secret.
Yesterday afternoon we carefully watched the northwest skies, hoping for a glimmer of what might be expected once the sun went down. As with the rest of Oklahoma, once the sun sets and cold and warm fronts collide, it's anyone's guess as to what to expect. There was lightening early on in the evening. It was somewhat difficult to see as our location was rather low in the canyon and the cliffs did serve to block some of the view. However, after dark, the northwest skies lit up! Had we been top-side, I am sure the show would have been spectacular. As it was, we had our nightly s'mores and headed in to bed. No movie -we were beet from the "strenuous" activities of the day.

Around 11 p.m., the thunder rolled and the lightening cracked! What a show. The rain poured. Having no Internet nor TV reception, we had no way to know what the storm would bring. I knew that I had purchased a weather radio last year for these specific situations. It was no where to be
Mother Goose with her Babies - GoslingsMother Goose with her Babies - GoslingsMother Goose with her Babies - Goslings

Cynde wanted to take the babies home but since the pool was empty, I convinced her they were better off staying with their "other" mother.
found. At first,the rain peppered down with loud pings and splats. I thought it surely would turn to hail. I held my breath, and eventually fell to sleep - rocked by the lullaby of the falling rain. No hail!

I was awakened around 7:15 a.m. by the brash sound of a weather radio spilling out a flash flood warning. At first, I thought how cool, the state park has a. P. A. system to broadcast weather alerts. Then I thought better. Wow, the coach has a weather radio built into the stereo system! Then reality hit, that was the weather radio I bought last year. I followed the trail of the warning being belched into the coach. Sure enough, I located the radio in the cabinet drawer, most likely where I had safely tucked it away last year.

Once Cynde decided to join the world of the conscious, we discussed our options. Neither of us were ready to
Cynde was Mesmerized by the CanolaCynde was Mesmerized by the CanolaCynde was Mesmerized by the Canola

She didn't believe me when I told her what this crop was - so she posted on Facebook, only to find from Marilee that it was in fact CANOLA!!
return home, so we decided to stay another night and just watch the sky. As we busied ourselves getting ready to travel into OKC for a birthday lunch for our Aunt Helen (92 years old today) we happened to hear another weather warning. The forecast was calling for unstable air churning around central and western Oklahoma with conditions favorable for the development of "super cells". In Oklahoma dialect, that meant TORNADOS, DAMAGING WINDS AND LARGE HAIL, were all possible.

We were in quick agreement - time to head home and put Stormy to bed, to be safely tucked away in her covered stall in Edmond. So, we packed, loaded, cleaned and shuffled. We had to dump the tanks, lift the kayaks, and strap on the bikes. All done in record time, and with surprising organization. I even washed the kayaks before loading.

Heading through Watonga, we did find this quaint little donut shop. Really, it was little. There were three kinds of donuts. Blueberry, old fashioned, or chocolate-covered cake. Now I usually don't eat donuts, but since we made a hasty exit from Roman Nose, I was not afforded the opportunity of a leisurely breakfast as enjoyed on the previous morning. And the donuts were very tasty. As Cynde noted, how can you mess up a donut? It is only batter and sugar! Yum!

As we headed to OKC, we reminisced our adventures and vowed to make a hasty return to this hidden treasure located only an hour and a half from home.

Happy trails!


10th May 2013

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