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BROOKS ENDOWMENT FOR SABBATICAL LEAVE Grant Proposal: Travel to the Southern Coast of England for cultural, historical and personal research One of the many things that I value about my school, Greensboro Day School, is the opportunity to be involved in the greater picture- the strategic vision of our institution. To be an integral part in shaping something about which I am so passionate has immeasurable value. Over the years, I have written many blogs for a variety of outlets that lend themselves to telling our GDS story. I am frequently so inspired by the engaging, intentional teaching and unique experiences that occur within our walls, I’m driven to write about them and share with the greater community. Telling Our Story is part of our strategic plan. Sharing our joined GDS stories and aligning them wit ... read more

Didn’t like last night at all. Being in a motel was really strange and I was concerned about the camper and car, were they safe, and I was a little uncomfortable too. Funny how living in a campground, in such close proximity of others, I get a sense of peace and safety. Oscar was certainly on guard all night, so it was better having him with me. I did sleep, and the camper and car were fine so who said that worry does no good. We woke about 7 and had coffee and listened to the news on the tv that got countless channels. Had a hot shower without the benefit of an outside breeze and packed to head out. I was able to make camping reservations for tonight, the campground about 4 3/4 hrs away ... read more

Ahhh... at last... our final stop. A full day on the road behind us, we pulled into a small and spread out suburb of Greensboro, North Carolina by the name of Walkertown, home to Adina's aunt and uncle. This stop on our trip was clearly not about seeing any famous local architecture or museums, nor having a unique or notable cultural experience, but was simply to spend time with family, and in my case, meet them for the first time. Adina's aunt, uncle and cousins satisfied all of our building desires from the road. Home cooked meals... fresh laundry... hi-speed internet... a movie room with lazy boy recliners. Ahhh, yes... nothing to plan or think about as our hosts were accounting for all our needs. Nevertheless, our time in North Carolina would not be as simple ... read more
The beautiful tasting house at Sanders Ridge
Vineyards of North Carolina... who knew?  Not I.
On the Hanging Rock Trail

Traveling with Seminole Sound to support the FSU Women's Basketball team in their quest for the ACC title. Unfortunately, after a very long bus ride, the women suffered a VERY disappointing loss, resulting in an even longer bus ride back after only two nights in Greensboro.... read more

Well loyal readers, as you may have deduced from previous entries, the trip is on hold until things get straightened out with the family. However, one thing that I didn't really touch on much in previous entries that I usually get asked about is the food I encountered on my travels. I thought it would be a nice high point with with I could put the blog on hold, so here we go: Ireland: Most people think Irish food is bland, consisting of cabbage, potatoes and bacon. Well, that's partially true. There are many folks in Ireland who still think in terms of those three foods, and don't branch out much from there. However, one of the advantages of living and working on the farm with English folks is that there was a little more variety ... read more

North America » United States » North Carolina » Greensboro January 30th 2009

Last night, Sarah and I had to pause the movie because a pillow fight erupted in our room. I won. There was one again this morning. Same result. Then we went to work. Rocking TD, but a weird split of crew. 3 house guys and a production manager, and then about 7 IA crew, who did the bulk of things. 547 was very good to us. All in all, it was a good day. Sarah and I went to a crazy used book/movie/vinyl store and had lunch at Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches and it was fantastic! A super fun place, and great sandwiches. I took a nap in Prossy and Alice’s dressing room after lunch and load in was done, and Prossy came in and asked Sarah, “Is she dying?” Such drama. Once I woke up, ... read more

North America » United States » North Carolina » Greensboro January 29th 2009

My dad informed me today that I write too much. So today will be short, maybe with a few pictures, so you all can get caught up. Early day again today, but I slept most of the 4-hour drive. Julia was with us, and we took her to the airport, and while I was awake, we had a nice chat. We checked into the hotel midday, and then Sarah and Dana and I went to the arboretum. I was hoping there would be a label to tell me what the dumb trees are, but the only trees that were labeled were ones not native to here- Japanese trees and whatnot. Bummer. It was a nice walk, though. 50 degrees or so- I was in shorts again! We caught the bus to dinner at the GC with ... read more
Sarah on Opening Night
Sarah Looking Smart
Sarah and Ruth

North America » United States » North Carolina » Greensboro December 22nd 2008

Okay, let me see if I can remember the order of why it took my 2 days to get home… Sunday, Dec 21: 5:30 am I leave my apartment 7am I board a flight from Greensboro, NC to Charlotte NC 11:30am I board a flight to Albany, NY 2:15 pm I arrive in Albany but am not able to land, and am therefore shipped to Philadelphia, PA. City of brotherly love my behind. 3pm After a half an hour on the phone (while waiting and not moving in a line for customer service) I get a flight that night through Washington, DC to Albany again. I decide to check out rental cars just in case. After taking 2 different shuttles I determine that rental cars are WAY out of my price range and return to the ... read more

Today is the second day in Greensboro. On Monday I got here around noon and checked in. However, we had all gone out in DC to go bowling and Marek kept buying me delicious Blue Moon pints. Took us an hour to walk home after the ally closed at midnight. Apparently DC blocks take forever to walk. Plus there was a ridiculous moment every other block, like begging Dominos guys to reopen for pizza, riding the basic frame of a bike, or pushing me into a flowerbed. I passed out pretty fast on the fouton once we got back, that is until Ela brought me a bowl of the most ridiculous pasta. I do believe that CURRY was the base of the cheese sauce. I believe you can imagine how that went. Tostitos were the only ... read more

I just got my housing assignment in the mail today. I am living on Corso dei Tintori which is right on the Arno River and only 2 minutes walking distance from FUA's campus! The apartment is on the first floor (thankfully) and it houses 9 girls. Amber & I are both excited to meet our 7 roommates. The apartment looks beautiful. I am really happy with the match. I am starting to get everything together and am sadly finding out that packing is going to be an all day event on Wednesday. However, now I don't feel so iffy about bringing a lot of stuff with me since I am on the first floor and will not have to be lugging it up lots of flights of narrow stairs! What luck! That is all for now. ... read more

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