The Great Smoky Mountains

Published: July 16th 2008
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Memphis to The Smoky

Heather Says

After an overnight stop in Knoxville we headed to the Smoky Mountains for a bit of hiking and fresh air.

Ummmmm well not exactly, when we first entered the "nature reserve" area I felt like we'd entered a tackier, kiddy version of Vegas. It was all about crap theme parks, crappier "family" cabaret shows and themed hotels.

After fighting our way through the white trash and traffic jams, we drove into the mountains where we thankfully found some peace and quiet. The scenery was INCREDIBLE - lush green forest with droplets of rain left from an earlier downpour glistening on the foliage like jewels...just stunning!!

I took a couple of snaps and we headed down a quiet hiking trail to explore.

Taking in the beautiful surroundings and breathing the fresh mountain air, I’d completely forgotten about the bear situation - until my lovely husband reminded me!!!

Brendan Says

Everyone remembers Yogi Bear don't they! All he wants’ is jelly sandwiches. ;-)

Heather Says

I'd been quite happy leading the walk until that point but Brendan suddenly found himself thrust to the front while i nervously followed behind, eyes searching everywhere

Just off main road in Gaitlingburg, nth side of mountain
for a hidden killer bear. He consoled me with a "Don't worry babe, they generally just eat berries and stuff unless you provoke them" ..... right excellent .....

On our beautiful trek we saw the most beautiful snake curled up on a mossy log and a few native birds but thankfully , no bears!

We drove to the other side of the mountains (Brendan says - South) and bedded down at a motel in an American Indian town reserve call Cherokee.

Brendan Says

Red hot Tip --- Cherokee is top notch in my book and what we were after. Depending on what you are looking for will depend on what side of mountain i recommend, tourist city or back to nature. Cherokee has the "back to nature" feel with the cultural (points of convergence!), mountaineering, and trekking activities.

Heather Says

The next morning we went on the horse riding trek which was heaps of fun and a real great way to see the country side plus Brendan looked very "cowboy fabulous" (.... mmm ... i should bring out a fashion line!) on his horse - Chief.

Loved the mountains, flowing rivers and fresh
Traffic JamTraffic JamTraffic Jam

Nth side
air.... but it's time to move on. Next stop?

Well we're really not sure, will let you know!

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Good Good

hiked very near here 4500feet about 1.5km above sea level!

my awesome horse Chief

The Smoky's walk trail friend, saw this out of blue, nice pic Heather
Who's the ChiefWho's the Chief
Who's the Chief

.............. not me

25th July 2008

You guys were so,so....brave in those mountains, what with bears and a snake!!! I would have gone home there and then. Great pictures Heather and sort of Brendan.

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