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Published: August 15th 2007
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Peter This ones for youPeter This ones for youPeter This ones for you

Freud had a point.
When I got the the bus station it was time to hit the street. Using public transit was an enlightening experience. I learn bus don't make chang and change for a 5 is 3 dollars. In the moment a 3.30 ride was worth getting to the hotel safely. I also learn the importance of watching your backpack on the bus. It like to hit the stop here button. Once I got to UNC charlotte I had the oppertunity to unvolenterally explore the campus in search of information for the Holiday Inn. I dont have access to the upload picture for know but it really nice and really big. By the time I got to the hotel I was so thankful for shelter form the heat I wouldnt have mattered if it was the right hotel. Confrence tommorrow tonight is sleep.

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Lost on UNCLost on UNC
Lost on UNC

Look I found the lampost. It only took 45 minute in the Southern Heat. Know if I can find Ginarrbrik I will be on my way.
Wish I had a stunt doubleWish I had a stunt double
Wish I had a stunt double

Crossing 6 lanes of traffic with a 50 pound backpack has a much different meaning.
Campus ArtCampus Art
Campus Art

It was nice to see some sculpters on campus.

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